I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.

Glowing Color Consultation Pricing

You have decided that you are ready to learn the best colors to bring out your natural glow, and want to move forward with your Color Consultation.

I do not charge hundreds of dollars only to send outdated fabric swatches by mail. That method is clunky and worse, often contains incorrect colors. I will not throw an entire book of generic and impersonal swatches meant to cover women in multiple shades and skin tones in the hope that something sticks. I will not adhere to redundant sub-categories like True or Clear Autumn, Spring, etc. I remove all of the hassle by sending you direct links to items in your individual best colors. No two Color Consultations are the same, which makes your Glowing Color Consultation truly customized.

For proof that I deliver on the value of all of my Color Consultations, visit my Testimonials page. I have clients from all over the world and from all backgrounds who have begun to change their wardrobe and re-frame how to efficiently make shopping decisions with my help!

Glowing Color Consultation

Items Included

*Glowing Color Blog Feature with a short interview, and analysis of your best colors based on the photographs you send me. If you do not want your photographs featured on the blog, you can specify that in your reply.  

*A Color Shopping List tailored to your individual best colors; which colors to seek out and which colors to avoid.

*Your personal ‘Power Color’ — the color in which you will look the strongest, the color that will turn heads, the color you will wear with the utmost confidence.

*Hyperlinks to your favorite online shop with at least 10-15 physical examples of your best colors, so you can begin building your new wardrobe.

*Customized Color Vision Board which includes sample clothing items from your favorite online shop.

All items besides the Glowing Color Blog Feature will be e-mailed to you.

How We Get Started

After your invoice is paid, I will send you an e-mail requesting information from you to start your Color Consultation. This e-mail will ask you to provide me with 10 color headshot photographs of you (they do not need to be professional), bare-faced, and in different solid color tops, across the color spectrum. I follow up with your Color Interview questions, which ask about the way you feel in certain colors. I then ask for general information about you that will be included in your Glowing Color Blog Feature. You can request that your photos not be included on the blog. Finally, I will ask several questions about your perceived style and how you dress for work (if applicable), to better tailor your Color Shopping List results. After you reply with the requested information, I will give you an estimated time to completion and get started on your Consultation.

Price: $75                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Glowing Color Shopping List Subscription

This deal is only for clients who have also purchased the Glowing Color Consultation detailed above. You have a busy life and it seems you never have a spare moment to actually shop for yourself, even after knowing your best colors. With these subscription packages, you can have your own personal shopper and stylist year-round with the convenience of online shopping. Choose a longer subscription package and receive a bulk discount while saving yourself time and energy!

Items Included

*A curated shopping list from your 3 favorite online shops with direct links to the items in your colors; 30 items total. You can choose what combination of items you want me to send you – tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, jewelry, makeup, and so on.

*Customized Color Vision Board which includes sample clothing items from your favorite online shop.

*Ongoing access to me via e-mail for specific color questions you may have while out shopping or preparing for an event.

How It Works

All subscription packages will begin the month after your Glowing Color Consultation. This will give you access to the freshest looks that will not duplicate any clothing items that I previously sent you.

The one month subscription will have everything listed under Items Included and will be e-mailed to you once in the designated month.

The three month subscription covers one season of your choice – Winter: December-February, Spring: March-May, Summer: June-August, Autumn: September-November. The three month subscription will have everything listed under Items Included and will be e-mailed to you once a month for the three months in your selected season.

The one year subscription covers all four seasons. The one year subscription will have everything listed under Items Included and will be e-mailed to you once a season, or four times a year. This is a great deal at a discounted rate that will have your closet prepared for every occasion in your new Glowing Colors!

One month subscription: $25 ~ Three month subscription: $40 ~ One year subscription: $60

Glowing Color Wedding Consultations

Your wedding will live on forever in your memories and in photographs. While your dress may be white or ivory, which seems like a simple choice, each shade will look significantly different on you depending on your Color Consultation. Extending further, why not surround yourself in the colors that best suit you through your wedding party and decor? I will give you a Wedding Color Consultation that takes into account several factors such as the seasonal time of year that your wedding takes place, the location, and other external factors in addition to the colors that look best on you. My goal is to recommend colors that will give you a Glow to shine through during your wedding and in the resulting photographs.                     

Items Included

*Everything included in the individual Glowing Color Consultation above. Your shopping hyperlinks and Color Vision Board will have examples from actual wedding stores and vendors so you can visit or purchase from them directly. If you have a specific vendor or online shop you want me to recommend colors from, specify that in your reply.

*Additional recommendations in the wedding package include bridal gown color, groom suit color (if desired), bridal party dress and suit colors, flower, jewelry, and accessory colors, and ceremony and reception decor colors.

*Ongoing access to me via e-mail for specific color questions you may have leading up to the wedding.

Price: $100

Are you ready to begin your Color Transformation? E-mail glowingcolor@gmail.com and specify which package(s) you want. I look forward to working for you!

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