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Today I am featuring Eliss of Integrated Memoirs. Eliss blogs about her life and experiences being in an interracial relationship. Check her out!

What color do you wear the most? I love reds, pinks, and purples. I also like black, but since I’ve relocated to the southwest part of the U.S., I don’t see myself wearing it much. It’s too hot!! If I had to pick one, it would be pink.

What color do you wear the least? Brown

What color do you feel sexy in? Red

What color do you get the most compliments in? Red

Let’s take a look at Eliss’s photos:

Notice a theme? Eliss tends toward mostly cool colors. Here is the only picture of Eliss in a warmer color.

Eliss does not look bad in the taupe, but it definitely is not making her glow like the cooler colors are. Look at the first photo of her in the red. That is a really bright red top but Eliss holds her own in it. You can only do that if your skin tone is cool. See how soft she looks in the pink? How, even with the bad lighting from the bathroom lights, she is wearing the black and red, and not the other way around? See how radiant she looks in white?

The other clues are in her interview responses. She gravitates toward, feels sexy in, and gets complimented in cool colors. The color she wears the least? Brown, a warm color. So Eliss definitely subconsciously wears her season’s colors. Eliss is a Winter.


Today I am featuring TaKiyah of Some Sweet Photography. If you need self-portraits done, engagement/bridal, baby shower, newborn, party, family, WHATEVER photos done TaKiyah is your woman.

Before we get all up in her analysis, a note. Sometimes, with some people, if they happen to be wearing the right (or wrong) color, all I need is ONE photo to tell their season. With others, it may take a few photo comparisons to figure it out, but with some people there’s a definite BAM moment.

TaKiyah? BAM.

She’s an Autumn, case closed. *closes piano, leaves*


Ok ok, let’s look at the rest of her photos. But seriously? That mustard color? Do you see the radiance? We have a gotdamned Sun Goddess on our hands. Here are her photos:

Here is her interview:

What color do you wear the most? black…it hides my wobbly bits

What color do you wear the least? red- I think it makes my face redder? I don’t know? Plus my mom had this hang-up when I was growing up about black people wearing red. (red lipstick, eating red watermelon, and drinking red soda)

What color do you feel sexy in? hmmm…I think anything “golden”.

What color do you get the most compliments in? Brown, I think. (I’m actually just thinking about the brown dress I had on yesterday that I got compliments in)

Ok now TaKiyah’s photos and interview are very telling. She feels sexy in anything golden? OH REALLY? *scrolls up* OH OK. *scrolls back down* Aaaannndd she gets compliments in brown. Mm-hmm. Classic Autumn. Most of TaKiyah’s photos are of her in bright, cool colors: blue, fuschia, red, and turquoise. All of them just sit on her, not helping her pay bills, take photos, babysit, nothing. Same with the black. But you start to get a sense of flow when you look at TaKiyah’s photos in the blush/rose-gold, taupe, and of course, mustard yellow. See the difference? TaKiyah is an Autumn.


Today I am working with Sherri or SherBear, whichever you prefer. Interview first, photos second. LET’S GO!

What color do you wear the most? Why?
Probably greens and blues. Green is my favorite color, but sometimes I think that blues suit me better. Either that or the clothes I find that can fit my tiddies come more often in blue. Whichever. (Gem: *dead*)

What color do you wear the least? Why?
Oranges and yellows(I can’t pick just one, can I?). Just a bit too much yellow in my skin tone for them to work properly…sallow is not what’s hot in the skreets.

What color do you feel sexy in?
The hell if I know. Hell, it’s been a such long time since I felt sexy at all so I’m just going to shut up now…. (Gem note: ORLY? Cause I could have sworn….on a recent vacation…)

What color do you get the most compliments in?
Coral. Or turquoise. I think. Perhaps you should have chosen someone else for this? (Shit, I asked to be featured, didn’t I….nevermind…)

Sherbear in warm colors:

Some people don’t consider aqua (the first picture) a warm color, but I do. Aqua is a blue tinted with white and mixed with a tiny bit of green. That green is what makes it a warmer blue than say, turquoise or sky blue. Anyhoo, the aqua is shouting at us and distracting us from Sherbear’s lovely face. The taupe/tan jacket in the second picture is all wrong for her coloring and is pulling her look down to Blahville. SHERRI DON’T WANNA LIVE IN BLAHVILLE, TAUPE JACKET!! The orange tee is just sitting on her, not lifting a damn finger to pay anybody’s bills. The coral top is washing Sherri out and giving her skin an ashen tone. From this group, it seems pretty clear that Sherri is not a warm season.

Sherri in cool colors

In white, Sherri is looking soft and fresh, angelic even (don’t be fooled though). In vibrant fuschia Sherri is glowing! Kelly green is a color that is making Sherri shine; she looks gorgeous here. Sherri is pretty in the jewel-toned jade green. Radiant in sky blue. The only color that isn’t really working in this series is the heather gray (the last photo). I’ll get to this in a minute.

Based on these photos, Sherri is a Winter. The warmer colors were not working with her skin, while the cooler colors were. Cool, vibrant jewel tones are some of Winter’s most gorgeous colors, and Sherri wears these often if the pictures are any indication. The gray pictured was not working, even though it is a cool color. This is because the gray she had on is more of a Summer gray. Winter grays are a bit darker, steelier, stonier type grays and these are the grays Sherri and other Winters should seek out. Let’s do a Face-off to see Sherri in a warm and cool color right next to each other to better show you the difference:

See the difference?

Sherri’s interview responses also gave good clues. She was drawn to blues and greens and generally avoided oranges and yellows. Although she mentioned she had too much yellow in her skin, I disagree. The problem is she doesn’t have enough yellow in her undertone to pull off the yellows and oranges. She has more pink undertones which you can see pretty strongly in the picture of her in green. She said she gets compliments in coral and turquoise. The turquoise makes sense, the coral not so much. But, coral is a funny color sometimes; I have seen the muted, warmer corals like the one Sherri is wearing above, and a vibrant almost pink coral. The latter will work on Winters.

Til next time!