I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.

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Spring people are those with warm skin undertones and light hair. Light, airy, and muted warm colors makes Spring people glow. Excerpts from Beauty and the Bath (the bold print emphasizes what I believe are good points to remember; italics are my own notes):

The best white for a spring is ivory, a creamy tone, or an off-white. Beiges that are clear and warm, from light beige to camel.

Your browns start at the golden tan and can go as dark as milk chocolate, any golden brown is good but be careful not to go to deep or too dark. Golds from buff to golden yellow, on the bright clear side.

For gray only a warm yellow shade is flattering to a spring skin tone and choose a lighter shade if wearing near your face. (Yes, there are warm grays. More on this in a different post.)

Peach, apricot, salmon, coral, and peachy pinks are beautiful for a spring season.

Aqua and clear turquoise are extremely flattering for you as well as periwinkle blue, light true blue

Light to medium violet are vibrant on you, if you choose a periwinkle shade of blue which has more violet in it rather than a pale powder blue, it is much more vibrant on you.

Any light orange, bright coral, and orange-red look good, choose clear reds but not those that have a blue undertone. (Choosing the right red is important for seasons. More in a different post.)

A very fair spring should avoid a dark black and all springs should avoid a pure white.

Spring Women in the Media

Model Jasmine Sanders is the only black (or black-multiracial) female Spring in the media I have seen so far. I will add others as I find them.