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Pantone Fall 2014 Color Report

Every season Pantone releases the colors that will be popular in fashion, interiors, and everything else. Below is the Fall 2014 color report, and which season should look for which colors.


Winters: Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue, Sangria, Bright Cobalt

Springs: Cognac

Summers: Aluminum, Mauve Mist

Autumns: Aurora Red, Misted Yellow, Cypress

What color are you most looking forward to? How would you wear it?

Emma Stone

I am kicking off my features on Summer women by starting with the actress, Emma Stone.

When people think of Emma Stone, most recall her with dark hair, or red hair. Then they look at me sideways like ‘what is this bish doing under Summer’? That’s what happens in my mind at least.

Emma Stone is a natural blonde and her coloring/features make her a Summer. Let’s take a look at Emma in different color tones.


The gold makes Emma look pasty and washed out, the peach is just sitting on her (also note: Never wear anything that looks like it may match your skin color too closely), the banana yellow makes her look pasty, the taupe makes her look undead, and the brown makes her look a bit haggard and old (note the brown eyeliner, a no-no for cool-toned women). Even in the wrong colors, you probably noticed that her natural blonde color looks better on her than the dark red. Almost to the glow!


Emma looks like an ice princess in the ice blue (the look would have been better if they had gone with a lighter pink lipstick). In the black, she looks stunning but not glowing. This is common when women wear the correct tone, but the wrong shade. Summers generally do not glow in black, especially when they wear a large percentage of black as Emma does here. The look we are drawn to is the contrast of the dark against her pale skin, the dark hair with the light eyes, etc. But it still isn’t the most flattering look for her. The gray…now we’re talking. Her hair, eyes, skin, everything is popping in this gray dress. Gorgeous. In the cool-toned, multi-colored patterned top, Emma looks good even though this would look better on a Winter. In sky blue, Emma’s glow shines even through the yellow backdrop and auburn hair. Picture her in this photo with blonde hair. Yas.

Emma Stone is a classic Summer. I hope she hangs on to her blonde color and keeps incorporating the pale, cool colors of summer into her wardrobe.

One last comparison:

See the difference?

If you want to request a celebrity feature, leave the request in the comments!

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list with your own personal power color) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.

Pantone Fall 2011 Color Report

Every season Pantone releases the colors that will be popular in fashion, interiors, everything. Below is the fall color report.

Autumns: Make sure you look out for items in bamboo, deep teal, emberglow, coffee liqueur, nougat, and phlox this fall.
Springs: Look for items in bamboo, emberglow, nougat, and cedar this fall.
Summers and Winters: Keep an eye out for items in honeysuckle, orchid hush, and quarry this fall.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

Summer Colors: Light Blue

Light, breezy blue; tropical turquoise, and bubbly aqua. The light shades of blue evoke summer like few other colors. I picked 10 random celebrity women wearing some shade of light blue. See if you can pick who looks right and who looks wrong before reading the analysis after the photos. Summers and Winters will glow in light blues (particularly Summers of course), while Springs and Autumns will look washed out or overly yellow-toned.

1. America Ferrera, Winter. Yes! America is looking stunning in this soft aqua.
2. Anne Hathaway, Winter. Yes! Anne’s pale skin glows in this shimmery blue.
3. Beyonce, Autumn. NO. Aside from the ash blonde highlights washing her out, this silvery-blue makes Beyonce look like a shadow of herself.
4. Emma Watson, Spring. NO. Emma looks sickly in this sky blue top.
5. Jennifer Lopez, Autumn. NO. Jennifer’s skin looks waxy and dull in this soft aqua gown.
6. Katy Perry, Spring. NO. Aside from the striking but unflattering inky black hair dye, this turquoise dress is doing nothing for Katy but make her look dead in the face.
7. Nicole Richie, Spring. NO. Both the bad hair color and the aqua satin dress contribute to Nicole looking like a day-old zombie here.
8. Sienna Miller, Spring. NO. This cloud blue dress is just sitting on Sienna, doing nothing for her.
9. Vivica Fox, Autumn. NO. Vivica’s skin looks too yellow and sickly in this aqua dress.
10. Vanessa Hudgens, Winter. Yes! Vanessa looks bronze and gorgeous in this short aqua dress.

Summer All-Stars

Since we’re in the middle of summer, I thought I’d make a post about Summer All-Star celebrity women. That is, summer women wearing summer colors and looking fresh. Summer is the season of cool-skin undertones and light hair.

Don’t feel left out if you are not blonde! You do not have to be blonde to look good in Summer colors. Summer is a cool season, so Winters can shine in Summer colors as well, and vice-versa.

Summer seems to be the rarest season of all, at least in celebrity-land. It was hard enough finding natural blondes, and many of the natural blondes I found had warm undertones in their skin, making them Springs. So here is the short collection I’ve managed to cull of celebrity women who are blonde and have cool-skin undertones, aka Summer all-stars.

Summer 2011

Today is the first official day of summer in the US. White is definitely summer’s all-star color (or lack of color, or all colors combined, whatever). Summer and Winter women shine in white; particularly Summer women (makes sense). I hit up Google Images and snatched up the first 10 women I saw in white:

4 out of these 10 ladies have cool skin undertones and thus, look good in white. Can you pick them out?

Anyhoo, as far as summer fashion is concerned, if you are a Summer or a Winter, you can wear whatever the hell you want in white and stunt. For the rest of us, try a cream or an ivory to get that same feel but warmer. If you insist on white, stick to cardigans, shorts/skirts with a warmer color top, and accessories.

In the home, bring white in your bedding, bath towels, curtains, and even cut/potted flowers and get breezy on hoes.

Summer special events are also a nice way to bring in white for decor (especially if it’s not too hot to host something outside).

Enjoy your summer!


Today I am doing a color/season analysis with QQ. Let’s jump right in, shall we? In bold are parts of her interview that stood out to me and we will compare her responses against her photos at the end.

What color do you wear the most? Why? Purple or Fuschia-like colors, deep Garnet reds or the bright ones too, and just deep ends of yellow(not bright more mustardy) orange, blue, occasionally I go to town in a hunter green type o colors they make me feel happy and sexy and comfortable.. which is also why i don’t like to do white too often I feel very ill at ease and obsessed with not getting filthy, I do prints but they are medium sized and pretty basic in the color scheme

What color do you wear the least? Why? Light pink, light green, easter colors pastely stuff GAA-ROOOSS on me

What color do you feel sexy in? Black, Deep jewel tones colors, purple! chocolates, deep blues

What color do you get the most compliments in? Purples probably

Okay so patterns from her responses I picked out that she loves and gets crunk in mustardy-yellows, hunter greens, purples, deep blues, chocolate browns, and has a STRONG aversion to Easter-pastel colors. Just from looking at her responses I’d say she’s leaning toward Autumn colors. The yellow is the first major clue. Autumns STUNT in mustard-yellows, golden yellows, any yellow more toward the dark or orange side of the spectrum. Hunter (or dark olive) is another superstar Autumn color. Purples, especially plums and red-purples but even some of the deeper purples look lovely on Autumns. Deep, especially navy blue is one of the Season Neutral colors and looks good on warm and cool skin tones. Let’s take a gander at the photographic evidence.

The royal blue is pretty clear. It’s washing out her gorgeous face, and though the top is cute, the color is not representing for it’s people, aka QQ. If this blue were a Senate rep, it wouldn’t be campaigning for Q’s vote.Black can be a tricky color with Autumns. It will wash some Autumns out (like me) but look pretty decent on other Autumns (like Q). QQ does not look bad by any stretch of the imagination in black, but to me, the black is just sitting on her, all indignant like. It’s all, “I’M BLACK. AND WHAT, HO? I’M ON QQ. QQ WEARING ME. YOU MAD?” and that’s not the look you want to make intimate friends with.

Chocolate Brown. This color, her skin, the gold jewelry, the hair, everything? It’s a total win for all involved.

Fuschia: QQ is looking regal in this pank. It’s a jewelly soft fuschia color, and it’s the main pink that works on warmer skin tones.

Coral: The lighting/flash is a bit weird for this pic but it appears to be a Coral-y colored top. Another wise choice. Also, you can see QQ’s highlights are a buttery blonde/brown color and the overall look works.

Dark Olive Green: Thissss is more like it. If the chocolate brown didn’t convince you, the dark olive/hunter green color should. QQ is positively glowing in this dark olive/hunter green. See how much her look has softened and how everything is flowing together? I vote YAS on Prop Dark Olive for QQ.

Based on her interview and pictures, QQ is an Autumn all the way. She’s one who subconsciously knows it, as the majority of the pictures she sent me were in Autumn colors, and her responses on the colors that make her feel good and the colors that make her feel barfy, all fit in line with her season. Let us all bankhead bounce for a well-represented Autumn.


Winter people are those with cool skin undertones and dark hair. Excerpts from Beauty and the Bath:

The Winter palette has the range of all dark, vivid, and bright colors.
It also has all those very light icy colors. It holds all the primaries, being white, black, pure red, and navy. Winters do not wear most oranges well.
Light-medium browns and some camel are not the best choice for Winters.
No woman can wear a Pure White as beautifully Winter can.

Winters in the Media


Autumn people are those who have warm skin undertones and darker hair (including red hair). Autumn people look best in vibrant, deep, warm tones and muted warm colors. Excerpts from Beauty and the Bath (the bold print emphasizes what I believe are good points to remember; italics are my own notes):

To compliment their skin tones, Autumns should wear colors that are earthy. Basically, colors that make you think of a warm, crisp Autumn day is typically going to flatter an Autumn. (I am an Autumn–more on that in a future post. This explains why, before I knew about Seasons, I was always drawn to golden yellow, olive green, and copper-brown for clothes and felt pretty in those colors.)

Autumns look stunning in shades that are rich or muted, yet still warm and inviting. Shades such as camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, dark brown and even gray will bring out a healthy, gorgeous glow in an Autumn.

Warm autumn color and skin tones have a color palette that is composed of the following shades- off whites, warm beiges that range from light to dark, warm browns from light to dark, camel, gold Mustard, pumpkin, terra cotta, rust, peach & Salmon orange, orange-red, tomato red Lime green, yellow-green, moss green, grayed green, olive green, jade green, forest green, turquoise, teal blue, dark periwinkle blue. (I would remove lime green from this list and replace it with certain shades of fuschia/magenta.)

If you are a warm autumn color and skin tone, you will want to avoid colors that are clear and bright.

Typically black and white are not good Autumn colors either as they will wash you out and make your complexion appear wan.

Instead of classic black and white, choose combinations of black with taupes, creams,oyster, and beige. A look very flattering to a warm autumn color and skin tone.

Pastels and blue tones are not good color choices for Autumns either, as they will bring about a washed out appearance to your complexion.

If you need a blouse, never opt for one in a snowy white. Instead, choose your blouses in a more neutral shade such as oyster, ecru or eggshell.

Autumn Women in the Media:


Summer people are those who have a cool skin undertone with light-colored hair. Cool pastels as well as vibrant colors in cool tones look good on Summer people. Excerpts from Beauty and the Bath (the bold print emphasizes what I believe are good points to remember; italics are my own notes):

Your color palette for summer is delicate, soft, and light, including delicate pastels. You will find examples in the seasonal colors used for Easter.

The brighter colors such the strong bright yellows are not in your palette, choose yellow as a light pastel instead.

Your best complimentary colors are pink, light blue and light gray.

Blue Your color territory is most of the blues, remove only the royal blue or Chinese blue shades that a Winter season would wear. (See my note below)

Gray You can wear grays from light blue-gray to any soft charcoal blue-gray

Blue-Greens Blue greens can range from pastel to deep.

Pink For pink you can wear all the pastel pinks that have a blur undertone. You can also wear the deeper rose tones, which includes fuchsia, but even these may look best on you when powdered and muted.

Red Choose red as you will choose gray and green, reds that carry a blue undertone.

Watermelon Your shades of watermelon will be the most flattering when going towards more of a coral hue.You will want to avoid orange red and orange.

Lavender You can wear anything in the lavender family, the orchids and mauve pastels.

Plum, Burgundy, and Raspberry You wear these shades well, but if you are a Summer that is more on the fair side try to keep a softer shade near your face.

Yellow You should wear only one shade of yellow, the light lemon (see my note below) and you should avoid any yellow that has a gold undertone.

Aqua Aqua should stay in the light to medium range.

Soft White Soft white containing no yellow is your best best white,this shade is often called winter white. (Meh. Summers often look good in pure white. The only exception is super-pale, light-haired Summers.)

Navy The strong navy of a winter season, is not for you, choose instead a navy that is softer and grayer, this will compliment your softer complexion.

Beige/Brown Your beige and brown always have a brown tone. Wear any shade between your rose beige and rose brown swatches, including cocoa, but avoid yellow-beiges, gray beiges, and dark browns

Meh. I disagree with some of this analysis because it goes overboard trying to force Summers into the light shade of the spectrum. While these shades often look better on Summers, Summers can also wear vibrant cool colors like pure turquoise, fuschia, neon yellow, lime green, etc.

I have yet to see any black women who are Summers. They would have to be a cool undertone with natural blonde hair that is ash blonde or white blond in tone. If I see any, I will of course include their pictures here.