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Autumn All-Stars: Julianne Moore

Today I am featuring the lovely, talented, redheaded actress Julianne Moore.

True redheads will always fall under Autumn. That’s why it’s easy for me at times to tell who is not a natural redhead, but a natural blonde because blondes can’t be Autumns. It is a bit more difficult for brunettes who go red, as they can be Autumns too, but I can still see it. Julianne is a natural redhead and thus, a true Autumn. Let’s look at her in cooler colors first.

Mmhmm. See how she looks like chalky white death in black, white, and silver? The jewel-toned fuchsia and green look vibrant contrasting against her skin and hair, but keep in mind we are looking for flow. Not separate colors that our eyes bounce around trying to keep up with it all. The jewel tones are doing nothing for her. In the fuchsia, you can see how the gold part of the dress is melding with her look while the fuchsia is just screaming for the paparazzi to look over here, bitches!

Let’s look at Julianne in warmer colors now.

Now we’re talking. See how much more vibrant and warm she looks? Notice the difference in the hunter green here compared to the kelly green above in the cool colors? Even in the warm red photo, the lights are washing her out (you can tell by the gigantic shadow behind her), but this red flows with her entire look. And the burgundy-garnet red for the last photo? Stunning. She could not achieve this glow with a pure, primary red but the warm tomato-red and the garnet are beautiful on her.

This concludes today’s Autumn All-Star session 🙂

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QQ in Stripes

Just a quick drive-by post to show how to do patterns in your season.

QQ, you may remember, is an Autumn. Here she is in a cream top with brown, orange, and peachy stripes and has accented with gold jewelry. This pattern is classic warm since every color featured is warm. This top would work for Autumns AND Springs since it has a mix of lighter and darker warm colors.

Thanks QQ!

Christina Hendricks

Mad Men is one of my favorite shows, and Joan, played by Christina Hendricks, is one of my favorite characters. Christina is a drop-dead gorgeous woman but whenever I read celeb news and see her in magazines or at award shows, she often looks like death warmed over. I blame her stylist for this. It seems like everyone wants to accentuate her bewbs and they don’t pay attention to how SHE looks overall. She’s often dressed in cool jewel tones, hideous cool pastels, or black. She would look STUNNING if she wore colors to suit her tone. Most people would assume she is a textbook Autumn, due to her red hair but WRONG. Christina is actually a natural blonde and based on her coloring I would say she’s a Spring. Most of the colors she wears out fall under the Autumn or Winter category (overwhelmingly Winter). Autumn and Spring are both warm seasons, but Autumn can get away with bolder colors than Spring, and Spring can get away with softer colors than Autumn. This explains why, even when wearing Autumn colors as a “redhead”, something still looks off about her. Let’s take a look at some evidence shall we?

Christina in cool colors

If this heffa don’t look like slightly defrosted death in these pictures, I don’t know what…..All of these colors are either too dark/bold or too cool. Unfortunately, these types of colors are what she’s most often seen wearing.

Christina in Autumn colors

These pictures were my first clue that something was a bit off when trying to categorize Christina as an Autumn. She CLEARLY is not a Winter (nor Summer), and after these pics I concluded she’s definitely not an Autumn. These colors definitely look better on her than the cool colors above, but she’s still not really glowing like she could be. Navy and burgundy can work for Autumns or Winters and she looks okay in these colors but not stunning. The red she’s in is a telltale Autumn red. If she hit that one out the park, she’d be an Autumn. While she does look pretty here, the red is still not getting too crunk with her skin tone.

Christina in Spring colors

To me, Christina looks the best in these colors than anything else I’ve seen her in. She looks softer, glowy, fresh, ALIVE. Now in your mind, replace her red hair in these pictures with blonde. The effect would be perfect if she returned to her natural blonde color. Blonde is the best hair color base to start from when you want to go red because it looks more natural (compared to going red from a dark brown or black hair color), hence why many have no idea that isn’t her actual hair color. I’ve always been fascinated by red hair though for some reason, and I can usually tell if it’s natural, completely fake, or enhanced. Which is why even in the warmer colors, Christina often just looks….off. When the hair color, your skin tone, and the color of your outfit come together, hoes can’t tell you ANYTHING. Hopefully she’ll get it right more often in the future.

In conclusion, Christina Hendricks is a Spring who makes people think she’s an Autumn who wears Winter and Summer colors. Lawd.

As I was going through my Google Reader, I saw a post on Celebitchy about Christina covering the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The post mentions that stylists have no idea what to do with a pale, busty, redhead. I agree and would add to that who’s-natural-hair-color-is-really-blonde. She looks pretty on the cover, but the color and the other photos…she just looks off.