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Yellow, Gold: A Power Color Love Story

Picture it. 13 year old me. Freshman in high school. I was quiet, reserved on the surface but HILARIOUS around my circle (HILARIOUS, I say). There were whispers about him. Whispers about him and me. Him and me, we hadn’t actually met. We had seen each other, from a distance, when the other wasn’t looking. Decisions were made, from the Chorus at any given high school, the Chorus who decides two people would be so cute together. Decisions were made to introduce us. I knew in advance that this was going down, like some gossip-based Minority Report lottery ball. So I prepared.

A short-sleeved, space-dyed yellow top and jeans would be the foundation.

yellow space dye

This was the best Google Images could do. Work with the vision, people.

A light coating of Covergirl’s gold eyeshadow.


I lived for the individual rectangles of color from Covergirl. LIVED.

A golden zig-zag headband, to pull my long, relaxed-straight (but bumped at the ends just so with rollers from that weekend) back into a lion’s mane, in my mind.


I can just hear the breakage of crown-hairs. Memories.

Light yellow nail polish. See, in high school, I was KNOWN as the girl who matched everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. It was not a gotdamn game. I loved a monochrome look.


And smelled of the finest in Victoria’s Secret Vanilla-ries.


I had different-colored and scented lotions to match my outfits too. I told you it was. Not. A. Damn. Game.

Guess who could not be told sh*t with this total ensemble?


The Big Day arrived. Lunchtime. A picnic-table by the big window in the cafeteria. I sat with familiar faces. And then…he was brought to me. I, normally shy, reserved, a bit socially anxious…felt none of that. I felt cool. Confident. Nonchalant. I turned around to face him, leaning back against the table with my elbows propped up. Cool as a cucumber (why is that a saying, anyway). We said our nice-to-meet-yous. Smiles. A brief moment that was soon over.

That was nearly 19 years ago….and we’ve been married nearly 10 years. I am not sure if you can call it Love At First Sight, but the other love story that happened was between me and the color yellow.

Yellow is my Power Color. I can conquer all things and dazzle all people when I wear yellow, gold, and their varieties. I feel like a Golden Goddess from head to toe. Although I did not realize this until well into adulthood, it is interesting tracing back to that moment…I instinctively knew that, to make my best impression, I was to wear Yellow. That quiet confidence I exuded…may have set the stage for so much.

Aside: To this day, vanilla remains one of my favorite scents (though no Vanilla Lace is in my current collection, alas).

I love having the memory of the moment my husband and I first met, so long ago. I love that I remember what I was wearing. I love that Color is such a strong part of so many of my nostalgic moments.

I knew my Power Color at a young age and it continues to be my favorite color to wear. Let me find your Power Color and help you create your own Color Stories.

Do you have a strong Color Memory? Share it in the comments.

Glowing Color’s Newest Mascot

There has been a pause in regular posting due to the arrival of my first baby. I am still working on client color analyses, but the additional posts will be slow until I have more time to post.

The jury’s still out, but it looks like she’s a Winter. 🙂


Maternity Glow

Hi lovelies! I haven’t forgotten you. Things are a bit busy over here. This is what I’ve been up to:

What do you think? Am I glowing? I do love a good orange.

Photography by Some.Sweet

Autumn Yellow

Yellow brings out the glow in warmer-toned people. Pale, banana, electric, lemon, and other light & bright yellows are best suited for Springs. The deeper, vibrant, muted, and other mustardy yellows are where Autumns shine. Since we are now officially in the Autumn season, I wanted to kick it off by focusing on an Autumn color star. These yellows are one of the first ways for me to tell if someone has a warm skin tone. If you are an Autumn (some Springs can shine in these as well), definitely keep an eye out for this color in stores, to incorporate into your wardrobe.

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list with your own personal power color) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.

Cleanin’ Out My Closet

Going through your clothes and keeping only the things you love and the things that flatter you the most is the most successful way to build up a wardrobe that you won’t get sick of.

After figuring out my colors/season (I’m an Autumn) I went through my clothes and picked out the stuff that wasn’t flattering me. That sh** was hard y’all. I am one of those people who will shop for basics, see a sale table of basics in all the colors of the rainbow and be like, GIMME ALL OF THESE NOW! And don’t let them be 2 Tops for $20 or Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off cause chile…..

Me at a 2-for-the-price-of-1 Tshirt sale

But seriously, I’d just be grabbing random colors for the hell of it, grabbing colors I didn’t have. Collecting colors like I was collecting Pokemon. But that is not the answer.

So, I cleared out all the non-Autumn coloring friendly clothes, and now I have a true sense of what I actually have and what I actually want/need, wardrobe-wise.

One of my BFF’s (who will be featured soon) is a Winter and my size, so her wardrobe just got crunk courtesy of me. Take a looksie:

Go through your closet, get rid of stuff that doesn’t flatter you or that you don’t love. That’s the only way to truly tell what you’re working with. Keeping all the crap gives you an inflated sense of what you have. It feels good to dump it all. If you don’t have a friend who is your size and needs those colors, donate!

Amel Larrieux

I thought I’d start off my celebrity profiles with my favorite singer, Amel Larrieux. Amel is a Winter. Let’s take a look at some of her photos and fashion colors.

Usually, the easiest way to tell if your skin has warm or cool undertones is to put on a black or white shirt. For black women, I have found it especially telling with white shirts; black can be tricky sometimes. Here, even with slight touches of gray if you look closely, all you see is Amel looking lovely in white. She makes the white look so crisp yet so soft. She does not look washed out at all; which is common for someone with a warm skin undertone in white. Winters definitely glow in white.

Here, Amel is in a deep jewel-tone purple. Winters look FABULOUS in cool-hued, royal jewel tones. A warm-toned person would look washed out in this and deeper jewel purples (I know because I am warm and I have a deep indigo dress that I look super-pale in).

See how Amel looks like it ain’t no thang to saunter down the street looking all ethereal? The burgundy dress really sets off her skin. Interestingly, burgundy is one of those both-ways colors. Burgundy can work on cool and warm skin tones. I’ll refer to them as Season Neutrals and expand on those in a future post.

This picture is from my trip to San Francisco to see her sing. What’s awesome (color-wise) about this picture is you can start to see the difference in Autumn and Winter in similar colors. I am wearing gray and Amel is wearing a grayish-lavender. See how Amel is holding down that shimmery lavender-gray satin, looking all fresh and I look like a wilted piece of lettuce? That’s color tones at work. I am an Autumn. Amel is a Winter. I am wearing a cool gray and it washed me out to oblivion. Gray is actually another color neutral, but there are definitely warm grays and cool grays. I have no business in a cool gray. Amel on the other hand can work it all day and all night *snaps in a Z formation*

Now for comparison, some photos of Amel in warm colors.

Now, Amel does not look bad in any of these shots. What I see, however, is that these colors do nothing for her skin. Her face looks matte and not glowy in the orange; the orange is the star of the show. The brown washes her face out. The gold is kind of just sitting on her, rather than flowing with her skin tone. Compare these last 3 photos with the ones of her in cool colors. The difference to me is striking, she shines in the cooler tones, making her a clear Winter.

Hopefully, this all made sense to you and you can start to see the difference in wearing colors that flatter your skin tone the best. If you have a black celebrity woman you want featured, e-mail me at bohemianbahamian@gmail.com