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Today, Glowing Color features Annie.
“I’m from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I work for a Financial company part time and I’m a mother of 1. I spend a lot of time outdoors in every season. I love to travel and take culinary classes.
Annie’s Color Interview:
What color do you wear the most? Bright green and red and blush pink
What color do you wear the least? Black, brown and olive green
In what color do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? Green and red and pink
In what color do you receive the most compliments? Green and red
Annie in cooler colors:
Winter                                       Annie blackAnnie cobalt

Annie green

Summer                                             Annie grayAnnie lavenderAnnie mint

Annie in warmer colors:                                                                                                            Autumn                                                                         Annie burgundy

Annie purple

Annie red

Annie yellow

Spring                                            Annie creamAnnie light yellow

Annie peach

I could immediately that Annie’s hair color was too dark for her. Annie has these big, beautiful, green eyes that were being overpowered by her long, dark, hair. This imbalance also overshadowed her face. Right away, Winter and Autumn were eliminated. After a careful look at her in the lighter colors, I could fairly easily see that the lighter warm tones were washing her face out and not doing justice to her eyes. But in the lighter cool tones, her face took on an ethereal glow and her eyes came more into focus. Annie is a Summer. As often seen in the Color Interviews, she was on the right track with her frequently-worn and complimented bright pinks and greens. Reds work for some Summers and I would tweak it to a pure, brilliant primary red like Winters often wear, for Annie. I sent Annie some recommendations for lightening up her clothes and hair color. I think she will begin a dramatic transformation with these colors.


Annie cobalt

Annie mint

See the difference?


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Today, Glowing Color features Rachael.

My name is Rachael, I’m a teacher I used to teach English as a foreign language and I’ve taught in South America – Argentina and Colombia and the middle east – Qatar and Europe – Spain and the UK – England and Scotland where I am from. I’m now back in Scotland,  Edinburgh where I went to uni and I’m training to become a high school teacher, teaching social studies and politics in high schools. After living a relaxed traveller lifestyle , I am now attempting to dress more smartly and like a professional but in my own style which is why I’m interested in colour analysis.

Rachael’s Color Interview:

What color do you wear the most? black, grey, and green

What color do you wear the least? light colours

In what color do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? I feel best in dark khaki green

In what color do you receive the most compliments? light colours like blues but perhaps that’s because I don’t often wear them.

Rachael in cooler colors:







cool lightlavender

Rachael in warmer colors:


beigebrown paisleyYellow




Rachael is a Spring. She looks best in the light, warm portion of the color spectrum. She did not have many examples in these colors, so I think she will begin to notice a major difference after she goes shopping to incorporate more of these colors in her wardrobe. Note that she feels best in khaki green, which tends to be warm/muted. If she goes a little lighter and warmer (a green with more yellow than brown), she will begin to see the glow. The outfits she did have that fall under Spring could use a little tweaking in color, which I am including details of in her Color Shopping List. She also wants to play around with some different hair colors, so I sent some examples of that as well, as I think she has been going too cool/dark/ash blonde. It probably feels right to be drawn to the Winter colors since they are so bold of a contrast against her hair, but once she finds the exact Spring colors to bring out her own personal glow, the difference will be stark. My eye was drawn to her clothes first in the cooler colors, and I was easily able to rule those seasons out. I am so excited for her to see her Color Shopping List!


See the difference?

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Today, Glowing Color features Mariah. “Mother of 6, Home School Teacher/Interior Design Student/Ex-Dancer/Ex-singer (who still sings on occasion) and Health Instructor.  I am a Christian and love Jesus.  For fun I jam it up with some muso’s and perform live. I live in Australia.  Day to day I teach children and also keep my finger on the pulse for interior design.

Mariah’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? For the last few months, close to a year I have worn neutrals because I don’t know what shades suit me best.  Aging makes it all confusing.  What do you wear when you are close to 50? I know that coral, deep beige corals, wheat beige, warm animal print and black have become staples. I can slide between cools and warms, but some warms don’t work and some cools don’t work, so really I just don’t know.

What color(s) do you wear the least? White and Blue (never wear them!) 

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? Deep Red and Gold. Black if it’s cut beautifully with some oyster in it and a touch of lace for a hint of cleavage or leg… but just a hint.

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? Champagne.  Coral.  Black.  Brown.  Burgundy.

Mariah in cooler colors:

black 2fuchsialavenderdeep green

Mariah in warmer colors:

butter yellowmelonorange 2coral

Mariah is an Autumn. I could identify her almost immediately, with the first photo she sent in of her in a tan sweater (not pictured), and the way it made her eyes and skin sparkle. Mariah has been confused by being typed in other seasons, but I think the problem is she has not ventured far enough into the more vibrant Autumn tones; most of her colors have been on the lighter to pastel side. Although her blog interview mentioned some good colors such as burgundy, gold, and coral, most of her warmer photographs were in lighter colors. I think she will notice a big difference after she goes a bit darker and more vivid with her clothes. She is on the right track though!

deep greenorange 2

See the difference?

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Today, Glowing Color features Jeana.

About Jeana: “I live in a town next to Orlando, FL. I work for a large commercial insurance company. For fun, I work on my family history-genealogy. I have a son 22 and a daughter 23-both working and in college. I’ve been married 25 years. We have 3 dogs. I have one sister. I lost both my parents last year-mom in June and Dad in November. It’s been a hard couple of years worrying and trying to help them. I think that’s why I am ready for this “upgrade”. I want to be the best me I can be. It seems silly not to know what colors flatter you. If I am going to buy a new shirt and I can get it in a few different colors, I’d like to get the one that is most flattering—not the color that I just like.”

Jeana’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? bottoms-black, navy, grey; tops-teal, purple, pink, maroon, light grey, white

What color(s) do you wear the least? never wear ivory, yellow; wear very little black near my face either

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? purples, teals

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? lavender, teal, red 

Jeana in cooler colors:

blacksilverwhiteredfuchsiadeep berrylavenderlight blue   royal blue  sky blue teal

Jeana in warmer colors:

yelloworangewarm printcelerynavy

Jeana is a Winter. She should definitely avoid pastels, but the vibrant jewel tones really work for her.


See the difference?

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Today, Glowing Color features Susan. Susan is from the NYC area where she works as an actor and model. She enjoys classic film, art, design, and museums. 4 of her friends actually gifted her this color analysis! Susan writes,

I am so thrilled to have this done, as seasonal color analysis has been torturing me. I’m so very grateful for my friends for doing this. they rock.
 First, I was termed a true summer (which quite honestly, either that or another summer may be accurate) by Christine Scamman, who is awesome. She analyzed every striation of color in my eyeball, and said it was textbook true summer. (I blew up my eyeball photo and pixilated it, and noticed every single color of it is in the true summer fan, if that means anything…dunno….)
 I had no reason to doubt Christine, until the true summer group…told me otherwise. 

 pls advise,

I want to address the issue about eye color, because I’ve had several e-mails that mention this: I do not use eye color alone to determine someone’s season. If that was all that was needed to determine someone’s season, what about all the women of color who have dark brown eyes? Are they all the same season? No (though some websites would have you believe this)! So while eye color can be a helpful factor at times, it is by no means the main way of determining season. It comes from your skin and all the unique glowing colors and tones within!

Here is Susan’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? pink and blue 

What color(s) do you wear the least? yellow

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? navy or deep blue 

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? pink

When we look at Susan’s photos, keep in mind that her natural hair color is self-described as a dark, ashy brown…mushroom brown instead of a true brunette. Let’s look at cooler colors first.




Now let’s look at Susan in warmer colors.


Although we don’t have much to go by in the warmer colors, it’s fairly obvious to me that Susan is not warm. She is definitely cool. However, Susan is not a Summer. Susan is a Winter. The cool pastel colors of Summer wash her out; they make her look too pale. Imagine her naturally darker hair color, and you’ll see that Susan should stick with the vibrant tones of Winter. Her eyes even pop more in Winter colors versus Summer.


See the difference?

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Brittany Daniel

Today we have another Summer woman featured. Actress Brittany Daniel, who many may know from The Game, but who I personally associate with Sweet Valley High. YAS! Upon first glance, I assumed Brittany would be a Spring. Once I started analyzing her in different colors, it became quite clear that Summer is her season.

Brittany in Spring: The photos in shades of gold, nude, and light yellow. Before I analyzed her, I assumed Brittany would be a Spring. As you can see in these photos of her in Spring colors, she looks washed out to hell.

Brittany in Summer: The photos in gray, lavender, and white. It seems Brittany doesn’t wear much in Summer colors, but she really should. She should also get her makeup done more often in keeping with her Summer season. These are when she looks the freshest (the lavender photo would work perfectly if she had silver earrings instead of gold).

Brittany in Autumn: The photo in navy. The navy does nothing for Brittany. Too dark, and too warm; makes her look too yellow.

Brittany in Winter: The photos in black and fuchsia. Here we see something interesting. As I have mentioned before, sometimes Autumns and Springs can share certain colors and sometimes Summers and Winters can share certain colors. Black is generally not something Summers should wear as a main color, so that’s not news here. However, Brittany looks pretty damned good in fuchsia, a Winter color. Since the color is cool, it has the potential to work and this is one color that *certain* Summers can pull off, and pull off well.

See the difference? Brittany Daniel is a Summer through and through.

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Today, Glowing Color features Heather from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Heather writes:

I am a stay at home mom to two daughters ages 12 and 9.  I am hoping you can help me with chosing the right colors to wear, I feel like I don’t look good in anything.  I am also always playing with my hair color, I get highlights and then decide they get too light so I think let’s try to get back to my natural haircolor which I think is medium brown but then I get too many red tones in my hair which I don’t like.

Here is Heather’s Q&A:

What color do you wear the most? I wear greys and navys

What color do you wear the least? oranges, reds and yellows

What color do you feel sexy in?  dark grey, if I had to pick a color

What color do you get the most compliments in?  My husband says he likes me in pinks

Heather sent in a ton of photos, which I absolutely love! The more the merrier! I also loved that she did the same backdrop and just changed the shirts. It really makes for a cleaner, more objective analysis. Now, with Heather, I could tell what season she was as soon as I looked at the first photo she sent in. Can you guess? Let’s look at Heather in cooler colors:

In each of these photos, my eyes go directly to her shirt color and then Heather. This is often a classic sign that someone is wearing the wrong colors for their season. Heather also looks a bit washed out in these colors. Let’s look at her in warmer colors.

Did you notice how Heather appears to brighten up in these photos? It’s not just the brighter colors in her shirts. Her face has come alive in the warmer colors. Heather is an Autumn.

I do agree with Heather’s assessment that she has too much red in her hair color. In her Color Shopping List I suggest, among other things that she look for hair colors without the red undertones. I think she would benefit by going a bit darker, in hair AND in her clothes. She should stay warm of course, but she has too many light/bright warm colors in her wardrobe and even more cool colors in her wardrobe.

Heather’s Q&A leads to some very helpful tips for her. She wears oranges, reds, and yellows the least but these are colors she should be incorporating MORE into her wardrobe. Some people shy away from these because they seem so “loud”, but there is a way to find the best shade of each color for your skin. She also feels sexy in dark gray, which was her most telling answer of all. Deep, dark, charcoal gray is a classic Autumn color and one of my favorite substitutes for black (in warmer-toned women). Heather should embrace that and shy away from the lighter-to-medium grays that will just wash her out. Heather’s husband likes her in pinks but I bet if she incorporated some pinkish-peaches into her wardrobe, he would love that as well.

I hope Heather will keep us updated on new color choices! Thanks Heather!

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Today I am featuring Leila! Leila is a pianist, songwriter, and a piano teacher who lives in San Francisco, California. Her band’s name is Rabbit Quinn and their first full album comes out this fall! See her fan page here.

Let’s begin with her Q&A:

What color do you wear the most? Black. Flatters the figure, easy to match.

What color do you wear the least? Stark white. Reds…I am a redhead (not naturally) and reds are tricky with red hair.

What color do you feel sexy in? Earthy greens. Red lipstick,  I feel feminine and soft when I wear peach or blue. Black, of course!

What color do you get the most compliments in? Red Lipstick, Orange, and any shade of green. There’s this blue scarf I got in Paris everyone loves on me. I included a picture….

Very interesting answers! Let’s take a look at Leila’s photos.

First, notice how different Leila looks with the red hair and the brunette hair? It’s almost like looking at a completely different person! I am noticing that Leila is falling into two extremes with her hair. The deep red hair color washes her out and makes her look a bit pasty. The brunette hair makes her look dramatically pale. Not bad, just very pale. We need some kind of balance between the two, but what? Keep in mind that her natural hair color is light brown.

In this first set of photos, Leila does not look bad, but the colors she wears are doing nothing for her. They are sitting on her. Surfing the Internet. Reading books on a Kindle. There is no harmony; no flow. Where is her glow?

Let’s look at Leila in warmer colors.

Are you seeing anything? A glimmer of glow? Yes? Particularly in the 2nd photo. That hint of gold and the general brown tones of the photo are bringing out Leila’s glow. You would be able to see it more clearly if her hair was a different color (especially in the navy dress photo). Leila is an Autumn. A Soft Autumn, just like Jo.

Notice in Leila’s interview that she wears black the most because it flatters the figure and it’s easy to match. This answer is extremely common, both in my color interviews and in general. Black is definitely a safe color. But for Autumns (and Springs), it really doesn’t do us any favors (besides the aforementioned figure-slimming effect). Leila wears stark white and reds the least. That’s a good instinctual move regarding stark white because for Autumns, stark white is a one-way ticket to Deathface-ville. The reds however, we can tweak. Especially if her hair color changes.

Now, Leila’s most telling answer may be when she tells the color she feels sexiest in. Earthy greens! That’s an answer I definitely don’t hear every day and it’s definitely a color that many overlook. However, earthy greens (the ones that lean more toward warm and muted; i.e. have more yellow in them) are one of Autumns’ strongest colors. It has become one of my favorites to wear as an Autumn and I tend to seek it out more. She also mentions she gets complimented in orange, another Autumn all-star color.

Leila loves red lipstick, which is always a sexy classic. In her Color Shopping list, I go over the best reds to look for, and what hair colors would bring out her natural glow. Leila needs to go lighter and warmer with her hair color, and I think the results will be stunning. Keep us updated, Leila!

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True Blood Week: Jessica

Welcome back to True Blood Week at Glowing Color! Today we’ll be looking at Jessica, aka Deborah Ann Woll.

Fans know her as the lovely, awkward, fledgling but seductive, redheaded somewhat “newbie” vampire. But did you know Deborah’s natural hair color is actually blonde? TRUE STORY. This eliminates Autumn and Winter as potential seasons for her. As with Tara/Rutina Wesley, I found an equal number of cool and warm photos of Deborah. Let’s start with the warm first.

By the way in the photo where she has on yellow, you can see her blonde roots. Well, the gold photo isn’t the best but you can still tell she looks super-pale, not in a good way here. The gold is straight cussin’ her out. Also, in the first two photos where Deborah has on yellow and dark blue (muted which reads warm), she doesn’t look BAD but the colors are wearing her. They don’t really mesh or flow with her skin. In the photos where she has on dark red and blush pink (both warm), she looks washed out; just plain BLAH. Shall we venture over to Deborah in cooler colors?

Deborah looks so much better in the cooler colors of white, pale blue, black, red, and smoky lavender. Especially if you imagine her with blonde hair, like we had to do for Christina Hendricks. In the lavender photo (as well as the white photo), if she had her natural blonde hair and a lighter, less severe shade of lipstick? Girl WHAT.

Deborah Ann Woll is a Summer.

True Blood Week: Pam

Welcome back to Wednesday of True Blood Week at Glowing Color! This time, we’re going to look at Pam, aka Kristin Bauer.

It appears Kristin favors dressing in cool colors most frequently, so we’ll look at her in those first. By the way, Kristin is a natural blonde which rules out Autumn and Winter for her seasons.

Not looking so hot, right? Kristin’s skin looks tired and washed out in the cool colors of fuschia, white, lavender, black, blue, and pure red. The floral-patterned dress she is wearing is primarily black and white. It’s definitely looking like Kristin is not a Summer. As for photos of Kristin in warm colors, there were barely any to choose from. The 2 photos I found of her in warm AND pale colors (be-fitting the Spring season) show a big difference.

See? The champagne photo on the right is a little far away, but I’m willing to bet she would look stunning in a close-up of that color. The pink photo on the left though? Major difference. It could stand to be a little pinker, a little more blush, but it’s still a vast improvement. Also, go back to the photo of her in clear red. Look at her lipstick. THAT is the kind of red warm seasons can wear and shine in. A more muted, tomato red would look fantastic on Kristin. Kristin is a Spring, and it doesn’t look like she knows it! Pam, girl, go get some Spring colors and fix this!