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Today, Glowing Color features Laura.

I’m Laura from Dublin in Ireland. Mother to a gorgeous boy and work full time within fashion retail. I love clothes and I’m usually drawn to bright colours and bold patterns although been trying to stick to block colour of late. I start to doubt my choices as my sisters are both natural blondes and look great in soft & muted shades and sometimes I feel like a clown next to them, so thought now is as good a time as any to finally get a second opinion on what season I am and to sort out my wardrobes. I am kickstarting the year with a new healthy lifestyle plan and would love the confidence in knowing I am wearing the right colours that suit me when I lose the final phase of baby weight . Perhaps not the need to wear as much makeup outside of work to colour my face??? If that makes sense.

Laura’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? not really one colour my closet is like a rainbow, but greens and nude-blush shade.

What color(s) do you wear the least? brown, black close to my face, orange, purple.

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? navy, nude, orange red.

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? green or navy 

Before we look at Laura’s photos, here is a shot of her with a hair color closer to her natural color:

lighter hair

Laura in cooler colors:



Laura in warmer colors:




Laura is a Winter. Her strong features and lovely eyes pop in the bold, cooler jewel colors of winter compared to being a bit washed out in the warmer colors. Her coloring is also too deep for Summer, hence her feeling not quite right in pastels. I think once her hair lightens a bit, and she sticks to her Winter colors, she will continue to stun.


See the difference?

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