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Today I am featuring La of Liquors, Loans, & Love. La is a phenomenal writer and all-around awesome woman. Here is her interview:

What color do you wear the most? I probably wear black more than anything. Tied closely with red.

What color do you wear the least? Yellow. I look like an extra in a zombie movie in it.

What color do you feel sexy in? Reds tones; candy apple reds and blue based magentas.

What color do you get the most compliments in? Reds. And occasionally greens; mostly emerald green or army green.

La’s answers are extremely telling! Let’s look at her photos:

Notice anything? La wears primarily cool, bright colors. There is only 1 photo of her in a warm color; the brown. The brown is doing nothing for her whereas she is positively sparkly in the cooler colors of light gray, spring green, pink, fuchsia, and purple. La is a Winter.