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Autumn Colors-Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is such a cozy color when done right. When done wrong, it can look blah as hell, but the key is to either get some sheen or some kind of texture going–sequins, iridescence, cable-knit, etc. Autumns look washed out in black, or the black just sits on them but brown gets such a bad rap they hesitate to turn toward it. Start incorporating more brown into your wardrobe and thank me later! It really softens up your look. Another hint would be for Autumns (and Springs!) to try brown eyeliner and/or mascara instead of black. I did this and was amazed at the difference. Black eyeliner always made me look undead, but brown brought out the fiiiiiierce.

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Autumn people are those who have warm skin undertones and darker hair (including red hair). Autumn people look best in vibrant, deep, warm tones and muted warm colors. Excerpts from Beauty and the Bath (the bold print emphasizes what I believe are good points to remember; italics are my own notes):

To compliment their skin tones, Autumns should wear colors that are earthy. Basically, colors that make you think of a warm, crisp Autumn day is typically going to flatter an Autumn. (I am an Autumn–more on that in a future post. This explains why, before I knew about Seasons, I was always drawn to golden yellow, olive green, and copper-brown for clothes and felt pretty in those colors.)

Autumns look stunning in shades that are rich or muted, yet still warm and inviting. Shades such as camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, dark brown and even gray will bring out a healthy, gorgeous glow in an Autumn.

Warm autumn color and skin tones have a color palette that is composed of the following shades- off whites, warm beiges that range from light to dark, warm browns from light to dark, camel, gold Mustard, pumpkin, terra cotta, rust, peach & Salmon orange, orange-red, tomato red Lime green, yellow-green, moss green, grayed green, olive green, jade green, forest green, turquoise, teal blue, dark periwinkle blue. (I would remove lime green from this list and replace it with certain shades of fuschia/magenta.)

If you are a warm autumn color and skin tone, you will want to avoid colors that are clear and bright.

Typically black and white are not good Autumn colors either as they will wash you out and make your complexion appear wan.

Instead of classic black and white, choose combinations of black with taupes, creams,oyster, and beige. A look very flattering to a warm autumn color and skin tone.

Pastels and blue tones are not good color choices for Autumns either, as they will bring about a washed out appearance to your complexion.

If you need a blouse, never opt for one in a snowy white. Instead, choose your blouses in a more neutral shade such as oyster, ecru or eggshell.

Autumn Women in the Media: