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True Blood Week: Sookie

Welcome to True Blood week at Glowing Color. Let’s start off with the star of the show, Sookie Stackhouse aka Anna Paquin.

Most of you should know her natural hair color is not blonde but in case you haven’t ever seen her anywhere else, Anna Paquin is a brunette. This eliminates Spring and Summer, so what is she? An Autumn or a Winter?

Most of the usable photographs of Anna I found are of her in warm colors so let’s take a look at those first.

Anna’s looking a bit sickly in these colors. Tomato-red, teal (a “warm” blue), plum (a “warm” purple), navy blue (not a “warm” blue, but a muted blue which reads warm), gold, ivory, and camel are not Anna’s colors. She looks washed out and sallow in all of these. This means she is not an Autumn, which can only mean…Winter!

What a difference, yes? Look out fresh she looks in these colors! In the black, she looks pale but not washed out. She’s glowing. Also, even though she has blonde hair dye and lavender, a Summer color on, she still looks good here. That’s because lavender is still a cool color so it can work with many Winters.

Anna Paquin is a Winter.

Anna? Sookie? Girl go get you some more Winter colors in your wardrobe! And dye your hair back! They have wigs!

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Alek Wek

Today we’ll look at supermodel Alek Wek.

Alek is absolutely stunting in the colors in the first six photos above. Contrast that with the last two photos of her in orange and yellow. See the difference? Seeing Alek in red, however, gave no doubt which season she falls under, let’s take a closer look:

The first red is a muted, off-red, somewhere in-between ruby and garnet. It is an Autumn red and is doing no favors to Alek’s beautiful face. However, the second red is a true red, a primary red, a jewel look-at-me red. That red is a Winter red and Alek looks stunning in it.

Alek Wek is a Winter.


Today I am working with Sherri or SherBear, whichever you prefer. Interview first, photos second. LET’S GO!

What color do you wear the most? Why?
Probably greens and blues. Green is my favorite color, but sometimes I think that blues suit me better. Either that or the clothes I find that can fit my tiddies come more often in blue. Whichever. (Gem: *dead*)

What color do you wear the least? Why?
Oranges and yellows(I can’t pick just one, can I?). Just a bit too much yellow in my skin tone for them to work properly…sallow is not what’s hot in the skreets.

What color do you feel sexy in?
The hell if I know. Hell, it’s been a such long time since I felt sexy at all so I’m just going to shut up now…. (Gem note: ORLY? Cause I could have sworn….on a recent vacation…)

What color do you get the most compliments in?
Coral. Or turquoise. I think. Perhaps you should have chosen someone else for this? (Shit, I asked to be featured, didn’t I….nevermind…)

Sherbear in warm colors:

Some people don’t consider aqua (the first picture) a warm color, but I do. Aqua is a blue tinted with white and mixed with a tiny bit of green. That green is what makes it a warmer blue than say, turquoise or sky blue. Anyhoo, the aqua is shouting at us and distracting us from Sherbear’s lovely face. The taupe/tan jacket in the second picture is all wrong for her coloring and is pulling her look down to Blahville. SHERRI DON’T WANNA LIVE IN BLAHVILLE, TAUPE JACKET!! The orange tee is just sitting on her, not lifting a damn finger to pay anybody’s bills. The coral top is washing Sherri out and giving her skin an ashen tone. From this group, it seems pretty clear that Sherri is not a warm season.

Sherri in cool colors

In white, Sherri is looking soft and fresh, angelic even (don’t be fooled though). In vibrant fuschia Sherri is glowing! Kelly green is a color that is making Sherri shine; she looks gorgeous here. Sherri is pretty in the jewel-toned jade green. Radiant in sky blue. The only color that isn’t really working in this series is the heather gray (the last photo). I’ll get to this in a minute.

Based on these photos, Sherri is a Winter. The warmer colors were not working with her skin, while the cooler colors were. Cool, vibrant jewel tones are some of Winter’s most gorgeous colors, and Sherri wears these often if the pictures are any indication. The gray pictured was not working, even though it is a cool color. This is because the gray she had on is more of a Summer gray. Winter grays are a bit darker, steelier, stonier type grays and these are the grays Sherri and other Winters should seek out. Let’s do a Face-off to see Sherri in a warm and cool color right next to each other to better show you the difference:

See the difference?

Sherri’s interview responses also gave good clues. She was drawn to blues and greens and generally avoided oranges and yellows. Although she mentioned she had too much yellow in her skin, I disagree. The problem is she doesn’t have enough yellow in her undertone to pull off the yellows and oranges. She has more pink undertones which you can see pretty strongly in the picture of her in green. She said she gets compliments in coral and turquoise. The turquoise makes sense, the coral not so much. But, coral is a funny color sometimes; I have seen the muted, warmer corals like the one Sherri is wearing above, and a vibrant almost pink coral. The latter will work on Winters.

Til next time!


Today I am doing a color/season analysis with QQ. Let’s jump right in, shall we? In bold are parts of her interview that stood out to me and we will compare her responses against her photos at the end.

What color do you wear the most? Why? Purple or Fuschia-like colors, deep Garnet reds or the bright ones too, and just deep ends of yellow(not bright more mustardy) orange, blue, occasionally I go to town in a hunter green type o colors they make me feel happy and sexy and comfortable.. which is also why i don’t like to do white too often I feel very ill at ease and obsessed with not getting filthy, I do prints but they are medium sized and pretty basic in the color scheme

What color do you wear the least? Why? Light pink, light green, easter colors pastely stuff GAA-ROOOSS on me

What color do you feel sexy in? Black, Deep jewel tones colors, purple! chocolates, deep blues

What color do you get the most compliments in? Purples probably

Okay so patterns from her responses I picked out that she loves and gets crunk in mustardy-yellows, hunter greens, purples, deep blues, chocolate browns, and has a STRONG aversion to Easter-pastel colors. Just from looking at her responses I’d say she’s leaning toward Autumn colors. The yellow is the first major clue. Autumns STUNT in mustard-yellows, golden yellows, any yellow more toward the dark or orange side of the spectrum. Hunter (or dark olive) is another superstar Autumn color. Purples, especially plums and red-purples but even some of the deeper purples look lovely on Autumns. Deep, especially navy blue is one of the Season Neutral colors and looks good on warm and cool skin tones. Let’s take a gander at the photographic evidence.

The royal blue is pretty clear. It’s washing out her gorgeous face, and though the top is cute, the color is not representing for it’s people, aka QQ. If this blue were a Senate rep, it wouldn’t be campaigning for Q’s vote.Black can be a tricky color with Autumns. It will wash some Autumns out (like me) but look pretty decent on other Autumns (like Q). QQ does not look bad by any stretch of the imagination in black, but to me, the black is just sitting on her, all indignant like. It’s all, “I’M BLACK. AND WHAT, HO? I’M ON QQ. QQ WEARING ME. YOU MAD?” and that’s not the look you want to make intimate friends with.

Chocolate Brown. This color, her skin, the gold jewelry, the hair, everything? It’s a total win for all involved.

Fuschia: QQ is looking regal in this pank. It’s a jewelly soft fuschia color, and it’s the main pink that works on warmer skin tones.

Coral: The lighting/flash is a bit weird for this pic but it appears to be a Coral-y colored top. Another wise choice. Also, you can see QQ’s highlights are a buttery blonde/brown color and the overall look works.

Dark Olive Green: Thissss is more like it. If the chocolate brown didn’t convince you, the dark olive/hunter green color should. QQ is positively glowing in this dark olive/hunter green. See how much her look has softened and how everything is flowing together? I vote YAS on Prop Dark Olive for QQ.

Based on her interview and pictures, QQ is an Autumn all the way. She’s one who subconsciously knows it, as the majority of the pictures she sent me were in Autumn colors, and her responses on the colors that make her feel good and the colors that make her feel barfy, all fit in line with her season. Let us all bankhead bounce for a well-represented Autumn.

Kit von B

Today I am featuring Kit von B of Hello Drunky. Kit is a Winter. Let’s take a look at her photos.

In all of the above photos, I notice Kit first, then see the color of her outfits. This is how it’s supposed to be. Everything flows, the eye takes in the person and the outfit together and god said It Was Good.

Her skin is glowing in the Winter stars, white and black. Her skin is stuntin’ in her cobalt blue. She is holding her own in the fuschia, a color that can sometimes overpower those with good intentions. I think the flash is a bit strong in the green picture, but even beyond that you can see that the color works. Another thing I love about the green picture is her jewel berry-toned lipstick; an illustration of bolder lip colors that work on a Winter. Her cooler grape colored dress is an example of the many cool-hued purples that work on Winters.

Interestingly, Kit does not own much in the warm-toned family which is awesome. This means she was already in touch with what looks good on her. She was able to scrounge up two photos in warm colors.

In the first picture, Kit’s hair, sunglasses, tattoos, and indignant mowf look fierce but the leopard-print top is doing nothing for her. It’s just sitting there, free-loading. In the second picture, the eyes go straight to the dress which is overpowering her look. The color is all wrong for her.

The awesome thing about Kit is that she has subconsciously dressed like a Winter on her own. She naturally gravitates toward cooler colors, and the few warm colors she has, she feels apathetic about. When I asked Kit about warm-colored clothing, she told me she had 1 orange shirt and a yellow dress. In her own words:

“the shirt i got from a yard sale 2 yrs ago and never wore
thats the only orange i have
the yellow, EH
cute dress but ugh”

What color do you wear the most? Why?
I have a lot of black. almost too much. I did a videoshoot a few weeks ago and it wasn’t until I went sorting through my looks that i realized I had SO MUCH of it. but what can i say? It goes with errthang. I feel hecka sexified in black. (Gem note: I told this heffa she got about 3-5 more uses of ‘hecka’ before we fight)

What color do you wear the least? Why?
I wear white and orange the least. It’s been a long time since I’ve picked those colours off a rack. White because I don’t have the kind of time to be ‘shouting’ stains out every second. Orange because i never really cared for the colour or the fruit. (Gem note: -_- the fruit? You know what…)

What color do you feel sexy in?
I feel like sex on a stick in ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. black jacket, mesh top, strapless bra, mini skirts & boots? Feeling like Catwoman out this bytch. Meow.

What color do you get the most compliments in?
I get a lot of complimentz in purple, black, and anytime i wear red, on the rare occasion that i do.

So notice how often Kit mentions black. She gravitates toward black, and black is one of the main colors that Winters get it crunk in. Notice her reactions toward orange and yellow. Think about this in your own wardrobe and this will probably tell you a lot about what actually flatters you and what doesn’t.

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