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Today, Glowing Color features Danni.

About Danni: “My name is Danni and I live in Richmond, London. I am married and have 4 cats. I work at Roehampton Uni and like interacting with the students there. I love cooking and as my waistline will sadly confirm, eating too! I went vegetarian recently and am finding it a real challange. I enjoy collage, decoupage, beachcombing and macro photography. Oh! And making jewelry. I also like singing, and bubble baths.”

Danni’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? 

I like dark red, khaki/olive green. I wear lots of earth tones.

What color(s) do you wear the least? 

I dislike royal purple with a passion, find grey boring. White I don’t mind, but it’s not practical!  

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? 

I always feel pretty and in pink (haha)

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? 

I get compliments in turquoise and red. And teal.

Danni’s natural hair color is a golden brown according to her, not as copper as you see here.

Dani in cooler colors:

 blackredturquoiseblue  tealmintjade

Dani in warmer colors:


Danni is an Autumn. I noticed this pretty much right away! The warmer colors soften up her face and bring out a lovely glow. She said she wore earth tones mostly, and I think she will find a nice variety of shades within those tones to work with.


See the difference?

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