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Today, Glowing Color features Courtney.

About Courtney: “I recently found your website and am very much enjoying it!  I’ve always enjoyed fashion, but I want to learn to select clothes that really flatter me and my coloring.  Also, as someone who used to be a natural blond and now have dull brown hair, I’m trying to figure out the best hair color for my skin tone. I live near San Francisco, and work in San Francisco.  I’m 32, an attorney specializing in tax law and work with nonprofit organizations and charitable tax planning.  For fun I read, travel, dance, take long walks.”

Courtney’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? Black and white — clean, classic, and everything in my closet mixes and matches.

What color(s) do you wear the least? Blue (all shades of blue I wear rarely).

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? Sexy – red. Beautiful – coral or peach.

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? Coral or bright pink. 

Courtney in cooler colors:

black gray red hot pink magenta blue  green

Courtney in warmer colors:

ivory yellowpeach orange olive green

Courtney is a Spring. The cooler colors just sit on her, but her glow comes to life in the warmer colors. My eyes go straight to her face when she’s wearing light yellow and peach, but directly to the fabric when she’s wearing blue or pink. My initial thought was that she would be an Autumn, but my eyes kept being drawn to her in the lighter, warmer colors. She can wear some of the deeper, more vibrant warm colors, but the light tones of Spring really bring out her glow. I will also send some hair color ideas to her.

black yellow

See the difference?

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