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Today, Glowing Color features Danni.

About Danni: “My name is Danni and I live in Richmond, London. I am married and have 4 cats. I work at Roehampton Uni and like interacting with the students there. I love cooking and as my waistline will sadly confirm, eating too! I went vegetarian recently and am finding it a real challange. I enjoy collage, decoupage, beachcombing and macro photography. Oh! And making jewelry. I also like singing, and bubble baths.”

Danni’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? 

I like dark red, khaki/olive green. I wear lots of earth tones.

What color(s) do you wear the least? 

I dislike royal purple with a passion, find grey boring. White I don’t mind, but it’s not practical!  

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? 

I always feel pretty and in pink (haha)

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? 

I get compliments in turquoise and red. And teal.

Danni’s natural hair color is a golden brown according to her, not as copper as you see here.

Dani in cooler colors:

 blackredturquoiseblue  tealmintjade

Dani in warmer colors:


Danni is an Autumn. I noticed this pretty much right away! The warmer colors soften up her face and bring out a lovely glow. She said she wore earth tones mostly, and I think she will find a nice variety of shades within those tones to work with.


See the difference?

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Today, Glowing Color features Janet. Janet writes,

Hello Gem, I think I might be a soft winter, though I am not typical, as is your analysis of Kaetlin.  I have dark blonde changed to medium cool brown hair (and now soft salt and pepper grey) and strong blue eyes/fair skin.   I recently have been analyzed as Light Summer and Cool Summer by top E Color Analysts (by their ratings on Google).   But I feel blah in these colors (actually depressed in Light Summer) and I want to feel radiant.  Could you help me?  Best, Janet

More about Janet:

My business websites are www.permanentmakeupbyjanet.com and Facebook.com/LilyAesthetics.  I am from California and Minnesota and I now have been living in Tucson, Arizona for 30 years.  I am a retired nurse-midwife and now am a permanent makeup artist.  I love color and pride myself on being able to help women look and feel more beautiful with permanent makeup and skincare.  I like to walk with my Pomeranians and swim in my pool.  I love the Arizona desert! 

Let’s go to her Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? Black.

What color(s) do you wear the least? Orange.

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? Black.

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? Hot pink.

Let’s look at Janet in cooler colors first.

blackwhite pinklight pink light blueturquoise


Now, let’s look at Janet in warmer colors.



As you are looking at these, keep in mind that she has added golden highlights and her natural hair color is shown in the underside of her hair. Janet is a Winter. Janet was correct in her assessment in her original e-mail to me that she is a Soft Winter. Soft Winter does NOT equal Summer, which explains why she feels depressed in Summer colors. Soft Winter just means she can wear SOME lighter, softer colors but she truly glows in the bold Winter colors. For example, the teal she’s wearing is soft. The light blue she’s wearing is too light for her. Soft Winter equals soft, not pastels necessarily. I go into further detail in her Color Shopping List.


See the difference?

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Golden Globes 2013

The Golden Globes aired this past weekend, so you know what that means–time for another Color Right and Wrong! For my post on the 2012 Golden Globes, go here. Let’s jump right in!


70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsAmanda SeyfriedUS-GOLDEN GLOBES-ARRIVALS Anne HathawayClaire DanesEva Longoria     70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsJessica AlbaKatharine McPhee         70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsSally FieldSalma Hayek  70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Alyssa Milano is an Autumn and looks gorgeous in this citron/saffron-hued gown. Amanda Seyfried is a Spring and looks pretty in her blush/ivory combo. Amy Adams is a Spring and looks fantastic in her pale-nued mermaid gown. Anne Hathaway is a Winter and looks stunning in white. Claire Danes is a Spring and is gorgeous in red. Eva Longoria is a Winter and stuns in black. Jennifer Lawrence is a Spring (her natural hair color is blonde) and looks fabulous in this coral-red gown. Jessica Alba is an Autumn and looks beautiful in her shimmery peachy-coral gown. Katharine Mcphee is a Winter and hits all the right notes in black. Olivia Munn is a Winter and is on the mark in her dress. Sally Field is an Autumn and looks regal in her navy gown. Salma Hayek is a Winter and gets it right in black. Zooey Deschanel is a Winter and this red looks great on her.

Right and Wrong

1151858_ET_Golden_Globes_WJS_0470th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsJennifer Lopez70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Connie Britton is an Autumn (her natural hair color is brown) and though this metallic gown reads warm, it is a bit too light for her. A deeper gold would have looked awesome. Halle Berry is an Autumn and like Connie, is  wearing a gown that reads warm but is too light. Isla Fisher is an Autumn and again we see an example of warm tone but too light (this is an absolutely gorgeous gown though). Jennifer Lopez is an Autumn and while the nude works, the white read of the lacy design distracts. Kaley Cuoco is a Spring. Her gown is the correct color for her season, but her makeup is way too dark. Lea Michele is a Winter. White works for some Winters but it’s hard to tell here since she overdid the tanning. Lena Dunham is a Soft Autumn meaning brown is in the ballpark, but she needs a brighter brown. Rosario Dawson is a Winter and while her mint gown is cool, it is way too light for her. Taylor Swift is a Spring and this chocolate gown is too dark for her.


70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsJessica ChastainJodie Foster70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsJulianne MooreKelly OsbourneKerry WashingtonKristen Bell1151858_ET_Golden_Globes_WJS_15Lucy Liu1151858_ET_Golden_Globes_WJS_15Nene LeakesNicole Richie

Debra Messing is an Autumn (her natural hair color is brown), and black does nothing for her. Hayden Panattiere is a Spring. This pink gown reads too cool for her. Jessica Chastain is an Autumn and this seafoam gown is ALL WRONG. Jodie Foster is a Spring and this deep, icy blue is a miss in color for her. Julianne Hough is a Summer so the gold accents of her gown are wrong for her. Julianne Moore is an Autumn. Black=blah. Kelly Osbourne is a Spring (her natural hair color is blonde) so this look is too cool for her (I absolutely love her entire look by the way, it just isn’t making her glow). Kerry Washington is a Winter and looks washed out in this sheer nude. Kristen Bell is a Spring, so this silver is off. Kristen Wiig is an Autumn and looks sickly in her black gown. Lucy Liu is an Autumn, so this secret garden is wrong. Marion Cotillard is a Winter and the orange dress was too warm for her (this photo makes it look more red, but it’s orange). Nene Leakes is an Autumn; this black and white frock does nothing for her. Nicole Richie is a Spring; this pale blue is simply wrong.

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Cameron Diaz

I am going to wrap up the Women in Summer series this week with a different Summer blonde every day this week! Today, let’s look at actress Cameron Diaz.

Cameron in Spring: champagne (the leopard-ish pattern), gold, pink satin. Cameron looks washed out and half-melted in all of these colors.

Cameron in Summer: blue, gray, ice blue, white. These cool, crisp colors really bring out Cameron’s glow. She can handle going light to platinum blonde, and her eyes pop so much. She looks fresh in these colors.

Cameron in Autumn: N/A

Cameron in Winter: black, red/black stripes (Cameron’s hair color is too warm for her here as well), red. The colors overshadow Cameron in these photos. They are too strong, too bold for her.

Cameron in Brunette: I included this photo as an example of what NOT to do, ever, with your hair, if you are a Summer. If you are a Summer and get the call to go dark, ignore it. Let it go to voice-mail. The darkest you should go is a fairly light ash brown.

See the difference?

P.S. Check out Glowing Color’s new logo at the top of the page! I am still tinkering with the look of the blog, but I absolutely love the logo.

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list with your own personal power color) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.

Emmy’s 2011 Right and Wrong

Today I’m going to feature the women of the Emmy’s and see who got it right, and who got it wrong, color-wise.


Kristen Wiig is an Autumn and looks stunning here. See how the hair, face, dress, everything flow? She looks gorgeous here. This is how you do style + color that fits your season.

Katie Holmes definitely got it right in color. Does she look like she rolled out of bed after possibly sleeping in this dress? Yes. But the color is right for her. Katie’s a Winter.

I originally had Kerry Washington under Autumn a while back, but I used the wrong photo to judge her because homegirl is definitely a Winter. This true, classic red is perfect for her.

Elisabeth Moss is an Autumn. I would prefer to see her in a deeper shade, but she has the tone right. It’s a bit too pale for her, but good nonetheless.


Kate Winslet’s dress fit like a glove and she is stunting in it style-wise. Color wise, it’s off. Kate is a Spring. Springs can wear red, it just needs to be a more muted, earthy red. Or if she wanted to go bright, a warmer tomato red would have killed.

Right dress, wrong color for Evan Rachel Wood. She’s a Spring and black is too strong and harsh for her.

Amy Poehler is a spring who is bleached to high hell. The dress is all wrong for her.

Not only does Taraji P. Henson look like she came to the Emmy’s in her answer-the-doorbell-for-the-cute-mailman nightgown, but it’s the wrong color. Taraji is an Autumn so should avoid silvery shapeless frocks.

Rashida Jones is an Autumn. The pale pink of the gown washes her out. A shame, because it is a really pretty gown, Rashida’s hair and makeup look nice, but it does not flow. If it were a muted rose-gold in the same style? She would have killed.

Padma, if you remember, is a Winter. She looks dreadful in this color. Awful.

Right and Wrong

Christina Hendricks got the color right. If you remember, Christina is a natural blonde and a Spring. The darker red hair color and heavier/deeper colored makeup is all wrong for her.

Heidi is a natural brunette, and an Autumn. So she got the warm tone right, but the hair color and paleness wrong. Even the paleness isn’t THAT wrong, but she definitely would have looked better in a deeper shade.

Julia Stiles is a Winter (not a natural light blonde). So the dress is correct in tone, but it could be a little deeper in color. That along with her eschewing the golden blonde hair would have stepped her game up.

That concludes the color analysis of the 2011 Emmy’s! What did you think of the fashion? Let me know in the comments!

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True Blood Week: Pam

Welcome back to Wednesday of True Blood Week at Glowing Color! This time, we’re going to look at Pam, aka Kristin Bauer.

It appears Kristin favors dressing in cool colors most frequently, so we’ll look at her in those first. By the way, Kristin is a natural blonde which rules out Autumn and Winter for her seasons.

Not looking so hot, right? Kristin’s skin looks tired and washed out in the cool colors of fuschia, white, lavender, black, blue, and pure red. The floral-patterned dress she is wearing is primarily black and white. It’s definitely looking like Kristin is not a Summer. As for photos of Kristin in warm colors, there were barely any to choose from. The 2 photos I found of her in warm AND pale colors (be-fitting the Spring season) show a big difference.

See? The champagne photo on the right is a little far away, but I’m willing to bet she would look stunning in a close-up of that color. The pink photo on the left though? Major difference. It could stand to be a little pinker, a little more blush, but it’s still a vast improvement. Also, go back to the photo of her in clear red. Look at her lipstick. THAT is the kind of red warm seasons can wear and shine in. A more muted, tomato red would look fantastic on Kristin. Kristin is a Spring, and it doesn’t look like she knows it! Pam, girl, go get some Spring colors and fix this!

Padma Lakshmi

Reader QQ requested Padma Lakshmi and I said ohlehdoit.

Padma is a Winter. I think she knows it too, as the majority of the pictures I found with her had her in cooler colors. The photos in the top row of her in champagne and gold fade her out to all that be damned. In the bottom row, the warm purple and soft yellow wash her out and do nothing for her.

Alternatively look how fresh she looks in black, holds her own in bright blue and turquoise, glows in pale pearly pink, and sets off silver and white. Mm-hmm. Work, Padma. Ain’t nobody mad.


Christina from Houston (reader)
Alek Wek

Vanessa Williams

I got a comment on my Summer post inquiring about Vanessa Williams. Ann asked whether Vanessa would be considered a Summer. Though Vanessa’s hair is a light brown/auburn, I don’t believe it’s light enough to be considered a Summer. Let’s take a looksie.

Here are a few photos of Vanessa in summer colors:

The aqua is screaming at you about paying bills and why can't you be more like your sister?

while this green brings out her eyes, overall it makes her skin look a little sallow and is just sitting on her. The gold jewelry helps save the look.

Vanessa has a tan here and still looks washed out with the white.

So overall, no bueno for Summer colors. Vanessa is not a Summer. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think her hair is light enough for Spring either, but just for ruling-out sake:

Nope. Washed the fuck out.

She is washed out here, but at the same time she doesn't look bad. This indicates that she may have a warm undertone but needs more vibrant color.

Vanessa is not a Spring. The champagne color is giving us a hint, however, of her skin tone.

Let’s move on to the “darker” seasons. Here is Vanessa in some Winter colors:

The black is making her tan look orange, not glow-y.


Welp, that leaves one more season.

Vanessa in Autumn:

Ignore the "I may have just sharted" look on her face. Things are looking warmer!

Golden Goddess...looking good!

motherf****** radiant!

I think we have a winner here. Vanessa Williams is an Autumn. To directly answer commenter Ann: Vanessa’s hair/coloring is not light/blonde enough to be a Summer (and spring by association), and more importantly, she has a warm skin undertone, not the cool undertone you would need to be a Summer.

Until next time!