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Today, Glowing Color features Amy.

About Amy: “I am 39 and have worked as a veterinary technician for the last 17 years. I’m also an aspiring artist and nature lover. I like to spend my free time drawing, painting, working on photography, hiking, gardening and hanging out with my pets and family.”

Amy’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? 

I like to wear warmer colors most of the time like rust, orange, olive green. I really like these colors but aren’t sure if they work on me. I also love plum and soft, muted colors.

What color(s) do you wear the least? 

I rarely wear jewel tones as I just don’t like them. I also don’t wear white often. 

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? 

I feel the most sexy in nudes and very light peach.

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? 

I have gotten compliments in peach, cranberry and deep teal/blue. 

Amy in cooler colors:

 blackwhitered 2redmauveburgundypurpledeep purpledark greenlight green

Amy in warmer colors:

creamrose beigecamelyelloworangeolive green

First, how beautiful are Amy’s eyes? Stunning! Although the lighting varies in several photos, I can see that Amy is an Autumn. I suspected this before I even saw her warmer-colored photos when I got to the 2nd photo she sent me of herself in white. The cooler colors, while lovely, are just sitting on her. The warmer colors, particularly the yellow and burnt orange, absolutely light up her face and bring a vivacious spark. Amy is a woman who subconsciously is in tune with her best colors, based on her color interview. Although she sent in more photos of her in cool colors, I hope she will begin to cull her wardrobe to favor these bright and warm tones.

red 2orange

See the difference?

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True Blood Week: Sookie

Welcome to True Blood week at Glowing Color. Let’s start off with the star of the show, Sookie Stackhouse aka Anna Paquin.

Most of you should know her natural hair color is not blonde but in case you haven’t ever seen her anywhere else, Anna Paquin is a brunette. This eliminates Spring and Summer, so what is she? An Autumn or a Winter?

Most of the usable photographs of Anna I found are of her in warm colors so let’s take a look at those first.

Anna’s looking a bit sickly in these colors. Tomato-red, teal (a “warm” blue), plum (a “warm” purple), navy blue (not a “warm” blue, but a muted blue which reads warm), gold, ivory, and camel are not Anna’s colors. She looks washed out and sallow in all of these. This means she is not an Autumn, which can only mean…Winter!

What a difference, yes? Look out fresh she looks in these colors! In the black, she looks pale but not washed out. She’s glowing. Also, even though she has blonde hair dye and lavender, a Summer color on, she still looks good here. That’s because lavender is still a cool color so it can work with many Winters.

Anna Paquin is a Winter.

Anna? Sookie? Girl go get you some more Winter colors in your wardrobe! And dye your hair back! They have wigs!

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Gong Li

I got a request from a reader a while back to cover some Asian ladies, so today we’ll look at actress Gong Li. Let’s jump right in!

Gong Li is a Winter. The top row of photos gives it away almost immediately. She is washed out in every color except the black. She looks so fresh-faced in the black. Some of you may be confused, thinking the first and third photos where she wears aubergine and burgundy, are Winter colors. Though these are not “warm” colors, they do flatter “warm” skintones, thus fall under Autumn. These colors are actually too dark and muted to be true Winter colors. If she were wearing a true primary purple, or fuschia, you’d be able to see the difference.

In the second row, all of the photos are Gong Li wearing Winter colors except the leopard print and the navy blue. She actually doesn’t look bad in the navy blue, but it is not working as hard for her as a royal blue would. Another strong clue she is a Winter is the way she is holding it down for all her homies in the red. A true, strong, pure red is the calling card of a Winter. If it was any other red but a true red, or a slightly-off garnet, she would be washed out.

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Vanessa Williams

I got a comment on my Summer post inquiring about Vanessa Williams. Ann asked whether Vanessa would be considered a Summer. Though Vanessa’s hair is a light brown/auburn, I don’t believe it’s light enough to be considered a Summer. Let’s take a looksie.

Here are a few photos of Vanessa in summer colors:

The aqua is screaming at you about paying bills and why can't you be more like your sister?

while this green brings out her eyes, overall it makes her skin look a little sallow and is just sitting on her. The gold jewelry helps save the look.

Vanessa has a tan here and still looks washed out with the white.

So overall, no bueno for Summer colors. Vanessa is not a Summer. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think her hair is light enough for Spring either, but just for ruling-out sake:

Nope. Washed the fuck out.

She is washed out here, but at the same time she doesn't look bad. This indicates that she may have a warm undertone but needs more vibrant color.

Vanessa is not a Spring. The champagne color is giving us a hint, however, of her skin tone.

Let’s move on to the “darker” seasons. Here is Vanessa in some Winter colors:

The black is making her tan look orange, not glow-y.


Welp, that leaves one more season.

Vanessa in Autumn:

Ignore the "I may have just sharted" look on her face. Things are looking warmer!

Golden Goddess...looking good!

motherf****** radiant!

I think we have a winner here. Vanessa Williams is an Autumn. To directly answer commenter Ann: Vanessa’s hair/coloring is not light/blonde enough to be a Summer (and spring by association), and more importantly, she has a warm skin undertone, not the cool undertone you would need to be a Summer.

Until next time!