I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.

About Glowing Color

Do you wonder why you get compliments when you wear a certain color? Why do some outfits, no matter how much you like them, look and feel “blah” once you’re wearing them? This all has to do with how colors look against your skin tone. The right color will have you looking lively, fresh, healthy, and radiant. The wrong color will at best, look like it’s just sitting on you, and at worst, make you look sickly, washed-out, and pasty.

I created Glowing Color to help people find the colors that look best on them. Choosing the colors that look best on you is based on your skin undertones–not how light or dark you are, but whether your skin has cool or warm undertones. Accordingly, colors with cool undertones look better on cool skin and colors with warm undertones look better on warm skin.

Skin undertones have led to the popularity of season-typing. People are either Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Spring and Autumn are warm. Summer and Winter are cool. Lighter hair generally falls under Spring and Summer while darker hair generally falls under Autumn and Winter. While I work with people of all racial/ethnic backgrounds, there is a dearth of information on season-typing regarding women of color. Women of color come in a myriad of skin tones but in fashion magazines we are often amalgamated into one monolith representation for what colors look best on us. Glowing Color will change this for black and brown women worldwide. I will show you how even women with similar looking skin colors can be completely different seasons.

After you know what your best colors are, shopping becomes easier, saving you money and time. The new “it” color of the season may be everywhere in stores, tempting you to buy it, but if you know in advance that it isn’t your color, you can bypass everything in that color. Just because you love a color does not mean it will have you looking your best. Knowing your colors can help you clean out your closet and get rid of the items that don’t flatter you, while helping you narrow down your choices in the sometimes overwhelming selection at stores.

I am an Autumn. On the left, I am in warm colors and on the right, I am in cool colors. The difference is amazing, and it has changed not only the way I shop for and purchase clothes, but my entire mindset on approaching problems in general, by eliminating options I know will not be best for me.

A significant portion of my audience is stay-at-home mothers who come to me frustrated about not feeling like themselves, fitting clothes differently than they used to, and feeling drab. I know all too well those feelings as I am also a busy mother of two young daughters. I know time and energy are at a premium when you have children, and that’s why Glowing Color is a revolutionary way to shortcut your way back to feeling “put-together”. I eliminate all of the color noise out there and give you a direct look into the best colors that will make you glow in even the most casual of outfits (camisole and yoga pants combos, anyone?).

My other readers are looking to feel more confident at work with their wardrobe, out with their friends or significant others, or have received prior color consultations that just feel “off”. They are looking for the right colors for occasions that feature them in all their glory such as weddings, baby showers, job interviews, and model or commercial head shots. You all have one thing in common – finding a set of colors to work with that bring out your natural beauty and are curated so that you are not overwhelmed with decision fatigue.


E-mail me to begin your personal color journey at glowingcolor@gmail.com.

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Comments on: "About Glowing Color" (6)

  1. Katarzyna said:

    Dear Gem

    It was a pleasure to read your blog. I wonder if you could verify my season.
    I was catergorised by Lora Aleksander as a warm autumn ( I am biracial – father Sudanese m mother Polish ).I have made several pictures in the colours from my swatches and in white,black and burgundy, which are not my colours. I believe that Lora is rigt in her judgement, I just cannot see anything that these colours give to my appearance.
    I need an objective opinion.

    Best regards


  2. Katarzyna: Send me an e-mail and we can go from there! 🙂

  3. Hi there. I have a cousin who has very dark hair (not quite black) and brown eyes, and fairly fair skin that used to be considered slightly dark by ‘white’ people when she was a child but is now pretty light — but I swear she’s a summer. Black looks ok on her but kind of washes her out; not nearly as stunning as mid-pink and bright lagoon blue; she just *glows* in those colours.

    Have you encountered people w/ dark hair and brown eyes who are summers? You seem to have a pretty simple view of hair and season: blonde = summer or spring, dark = autumn or winter. I’m wondering if you’ve come to find that that’s not always true…

    I’m asking you because from what I’ve seen on your blog, you seem to have a pretty good eye. :o)


  4. Hi, I would love to know what season you would classify Kate Middleton as? Thanks ☺

  5. Hello! I am having trouble commenting; please excuse me and ignore if this is a duplicate! Just wondering what season you think Kate Middleton is. Thanks; enjoy your blog!

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