I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.


Today, Glowing Color features Erin.

“Hi I am Erin from Kentucky, a 35-year-old physician. In my spare time I enjoy running or being outside reading or with my dogs. I have typically identified with warmer colors for my make-up and to cover my rosacea, however, I am not drawn to those colors in clothing. In fact I had to use some of my husband’s dress shirts and sweaters for the photos.”

Erin’s Color Interview:

What color do you wear the most? black! Gray

What color do you wear the least? brown/yellow/orange/pastels

In what color do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? royal blue

In what color do you receive the most compliments? I wear neutral so often it is probably when I wear color such as royal blue or jewel tones.

Erin in cooler colors:

Erin BlackErin GrayErin WhiteErin RedErin RoseErin BlueErin Blue2Erin Aqua

Erin in warmer colors:

Erin TanErin MustardErin OrangeErin GarnetErin BurgundyErin Dark PurpleErin SageErin Forest Green

Erin is a Winter. For me, it was clear nearly immediately. The 2nd or so picture I opened was of Erin in black and she was sparkling in it. The rest of the pictures quickly confirmed, as her skin looks clear and beautiful in the cool colors, while the warm colors are washing her out a bit. Erin looks sharp and gorgeous in the deep, bold, cool tones of winter. Her Color Interview reflects the subconscious pull she had toward the correct colors which is great! This means Erin likely has a good foundation to start from with her existing clothes when she goes shopping.

Erin Blue2Erin Mustard

See the difference?

Contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for a color analysis that will bring out your own unique glow.

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