I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.


Today, Glowing Color features Ania. Ania lives in Warsaw, Poland. She works as a hairdresser and linergist. She is also a psychologist. She loves animals and has a cat- “a very beautiful Cornish Rex”. Ania writes,


I am Ania. I live in Poland. I have a big problem with right colours especially with hair colour. That’s why all the time I change it and still it is not mine….I am begging you for help. What should I do? I am 34. Half part of my life I dyed my hair with dark brown (ash) or black thought nature made a mistake and I am a winter! But now when I looked on the pictures I can see it make me like sick. White and grey skin. I’ve never like orange, yellow or brown on me. Really horrible. So if somebody said I am an autumn I’d never agree. I am so much closer to soft summer colour palette but some of them are not good for me. Now I feel really good only in soft grey blue. Please help me. Help me choose the right colour for my hair. I am dreaming of it :-).

Here is Ania’s Color Interview:

What color(s) do you wear the most? I wear the most of grey(light or medium), grey blue, white(but not fluorescent white, not too bright) and black but now I feel in black a bit older than years ago. 

What color(s) do you wear the least? I feel very bad in orange, warm brown, warm beige, mahogany, aubergine, olive, bright green, bright yellow.

In what color(s) do you feel sexy and/or beautiful? I feel good in some kind of red(deep not bright, a bit dusty). Feel good in grey and grey blue and white. 

In what color(s) do you receive compliments? The most compliments?: in red, pink with a drop of solomon, white.

Keep in mind that Ania’s natural hair color is a mix of dark blondes. Let’s look at Ania in cooler colors first.


gray 2



red black




bright blue

blue plaid

Now, let’s look at Ania in warmer colors.




Ania’s instinct is correct. She is a Summer. She gravitates to soft gray-blue, hates orange, brown, and yellow, and feels she can’t go too “cool”. Though she looks best in cooler colors, she has been going too dark with both her hair and clothes. When Ania lightens up both, she will see a dramatic difference.



See the difference?

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list with your own personal power color) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.

Comments on: "Ania" (2)

  1. Hi,

    I found your website just a few days ago on you really do help women glow in their best colors – keep on the good work!

    I’ve been color analyzed and I’m an autumn, which I was 99 % sure of even before the analysis. I have mid-brown hair (dyed close to my own colour, just a bit warmer to a warm mid-brown), hazel eyes and light skin with yellow undertones. In winter I’m quite pale, but in summer I do tan (not a really deep tan, more like a light brown sunkissed kind of tan). I love navy, browns, olive and other warm greens, teal, tomato red and some purples and naturally shy away from pastels (except coral which I like for summer, but a more vibrant, not too pale coral) and bright whites so most of the time I dress according to my season. I don’t look my best in black, but I can pull it off if it is not too overpowering, for example in dresses showing some skin closer to my face to soften the look and I can can also wear some other more wintery colors even though they aren’t my best choices.

    My question actually concerns jewelry. For autumn, gold would be the obvious best choice. However, my engagement and wedding rings are white gold and most of my other jewelry is also white gold or silver. I personally think I can actually pull off silver/white gold even next to my face as long as it is not too shiny, which makes the color appear colder, and the jewelry is kept delicate, but the more I read about dressing in right colors, the more it has started to, at least to some point, bother me wearing the “wrong” metal. I’m a classic dresser and a real matchy-matchy girl, so I prefer keeping to one metal at a time. Do you think it is a bad no-no to keep wearing silver and white gold as an autumn, or should I seriously consider mixing the metals, e.g. white gold engagement ring, mixed-metal watch or bracelet and gold earrings and/or necklace to get the right color close to my face? I do use pearls and think they go well with silver/white gold but still keep it autumnal close to my face, so this is one solution but I don’t want to wear pearls all the time though.

    I will be very grateful for your help, and I think other readers out there can benefit from your advice too, both Autumns/Springs with engagement and weddings rings in white gold or platiunum and Summers/Winters with their most important rings in gold.

  2. Hi Anna! Personally, I am a huge fan of mixed metals. My personal style can lean a bit eclectic/bohemian. I am currently wearing a set of bangles in silver, gold, and rose gold. I definitely think as an Autumn you should try to include more gold jewelry close to your face (i.e. earrings), but it’s not as big a deal if you have wedding or other significant jewelry in silver or white gold. Pearls are a good compromise but as you said, you may not want to wear them all the time. So if you’re comfortable with your own style, I say mix the metals if you want more gold but don’t want to eschew the sentimental jewelry you already own.

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