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Hi everyone! I apologize for the absence. Shortly after my last post I found out I am pregnant and the entire first trimester made me its bitch. There is just no more eloquent way to put that. That’s actual and factual. But I am feeling better and have returned! I have several posts planned, including Spring-specific posts on which I need to catch up.

Today I am featuring the gorgeous Jo from Scotland! Jo wrote:

Hello 🙂

I have just come across your website while trying to find some advice on what shade I should colour my hair. I am a natural blonde, although it has darkened over the years, and I am very pale.

I have tried several different hair colours over the years (mainly blondes – based on the opinions of hairdressers, make up artists and friends/family mainly) yet I still don’t feel like I have ever found the right shade for me.

I also struggle to find clothes that suit me and people always say I look tired, so I really think I could benefit from your expertise 🙂

Here is Jo’s Q&A:

What color do you wear the most? Probably black.

What color do you wear the least? Brown.

What color do you feel sexy in? Black, but probably because it flatters the figure more than anything else.

What color do you get the most compliments in? Pastel colours-lemon, lilac, baby blue, etc…

Now let’s take a look at Jo’s photos; cool colors first.

As you can tell from these photos (and Jo’s interview) she mainly wears cool colors. I see a range of things in these photos. In the white-based tops, Jo does not look bad, but the colors are just sitting on her. In black, cobalt blue, pure red, and light/bright purple, Jo looks washed out. Hmm, what about Jo in warmer colors?

And then….the heavens opened and the angels sang. Do you see the difference?? This dusty pumpkin color is marvelous on Jo. So she’s definitely warm. Since she’s a blonde, shouldn’t that automatically make her a Spring?


Jo is actually an Autumn, what is commonly referred to as a Soft Autumn (due to her light hair). Jo has the darker features that put her firmly in Autumn. Being a Soft Autumn is extremely versatile because you can wear a lot of the deeper colors Autumns love while still being able to wear some of the softer colors Springs love.

Jo’s photos fit her original inquiry where she mentioned that people tell her she looks tired. If Jo mainly is wearing cool colors that wash her out, she can end up looking too pale, sick, or tired. She wears brown the least, but a few items in different shades of brown; light, rich, and dark would look gorgeous on her. She admits she gravitates toward black because it flatters the figure (which is what a lot of people do), but once she branches out into the warmer tones, she will be much happier.

Regarding hair color, you can see in the photos where Jo’s hair is lighter or darker. She has colored her hair mostly in the lighter blondes and some darker ashier blondes while trying to get back to her natural color. A lot of these lighter blondes are also washing her out. Jo would definitely glow in some honey blonde to strawberry blonde shades, or if she wants to go darker, a rich warm brown would work (I included more details in her customized color shopping list). I suspect the compliments on pastel colors she was getting was more about the contrast with her light blonde hair, which is a common thing for people’s eyes to be drawn to.

Jo, get out there and add some Autumn colors to your wardrobe! I think you will notice an immediate difference.

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list with your own personal power color) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.

Comments on: "Jo" (4)

  1. Zomgggggg! I actually sucked on my breathe when I saw the picture of her in the browny orange top. That is a HUGEEE difference. She looks so healthy in that color. Tam, this is a spot on color analysis. I sorta want her to color her hair and send pictures so we can see lol

  2. Once I saw the photo of her in the pumpkin blouse, I was sold. It warms her skin so beautifully!

  3. Tamara said:

    Thanks Monie and Can’t! I would love to see her updates as well.

  4. […] Are you seeing anything? A glimmer of glow? Yes? Particularly in the 2nd photo. That hint of gold and the general brown tones of the photo are bringing out Leila’s glow. You would be able to see it more clearly if her hair was a different color (especially in the navy dress photo). Leila is an Autumn. A Soft Autumn, just like Jo. […]

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