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Archive for October 10, 2011

Autumn Colors: Charcoal Gray

Gray can either be cool or warm. The silvery grays, blue-grays, stone grays, and light-to-medium heather grays are cool. The greiges (gray + beige) and deep charcoal grays are warm. For Autumn, let’s focus on charcoal gray.

A lot of women who are Autumns are disappointed when I tell them no black. Charcoal gray is an excellent alternative to still give you the dark drama that black brings, but with a warm undertone. Charcoal gray paired with gold jewelry is especially delicious-looking; it’s actually one of my favorite color combinations. Very sexy.

Springs might find charcoal gray a bit too dark for them, and can look more toward the greiges to bring the warm gray that they’re looking for.

Winters and Summers should avoid this color. I normally would recommend accessories in this color for women “out of season”, but for charcoal gray, this really won’t do much for cooler skin tones even in accessories. I suppose you could go for a charcoal gray cable-knit blanket, or incorporate it into your home somehow as it is a pretty cozy color for the colder months. But for accessories, cooler-hued women have so many other options out there that it would be a waste to try to force charcoal gray.

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