I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is one of my favorite trends. My personal style is mainly classic/bohemian but ALWAYS with bold colors. I love throwing a solid top and bottom together that are either completely different colors or shades of the same color.

What I love about color blocking, as it applies to seasons/skin tones, is it allows you to have a bit more fun with your “forbidden” colors. As long as you wear a bold color in your season for the blouse/sweater/tank/tee/top part of dress, etc. you can go wild with the skirt/pants/shorts/bottom part of dress, etc. and shoes. Since the weather is cooling off, you can have more fun with tights as well. You can ground the look by having something nude or neutral–particularly your legs or shoes if you have a lot going on above that.

For example, La is a Winter, and after doing her color consultation, we are both keeping an eye out for a color-blocking outfit for her consisting of a blue top and red pencil skirt.

If I have already done your color analysis, feel free to contact me about how to do a successful color-blocking outfit for you! If you would like me to do a color analysis for you including a blog feature and personalized color-shopping list, e-mail me at glowingcolor@gmail.com. I’m affordable! 😉

Comments on: "Color Blocking" (3)

  1. Hmmmm I should do do this as I almost exclusively wear solids anyway

  2. you have me thinking so much more consciously in color now!

  3. QQ: Same here, I am in solids 90% of the time. This would be awesome for you to do!

    wynsters: Thank you! ^__^

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