I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.


Today I am featuring Monie Pony, my friend who blogs over at The Rich ‘Onica. Monie is another giveaway winner. Let’s get into her interview and photos.

What color do you wear the most? I have a lot of black and gray in my closet. A lot.

The color that I wear the least: Orange. I don’t own one orange thing. Really, who wears orange??? Wait! I did have an orange Lacoste polo once. That shit was AWFUL. I gave it to my sister.

What color do I feel sexy in: Hmmmm…I do love to wear a little black dress with a pair of killer heels. I think it’s more about the article of clothing than the color for me. If the outfit fits me well and I feel confident in it, I will automatically feel sexy. That doesn’t help, huh? LOL!

Color I get complimented in: When I wear blues, grays and greens I get the most compliments. I hear those colors make my eyes pop.

I have to say, Monie is one of the easiest analyses I have done. I met her in person back in May, and I noticed (without paying attention to the colors she was wearing) that she had a definite pink/rosy skin undertone. So when she won the giveaway, I already had my ideas about what season she was before she submitted any other photos.

You can notice the trend in Monie’s color choices in both her interview and the photo gallery. Only the last 2 photos are warm (and the red dress is closer to a warm/muted red than true red), and I had to hunt those down myself to include here for contrast. If you enlarge the photos of her in blue, gray, and green you can more clearly see the pink undertone she has and how those colors flatter her. Alternatively, you can see how the tan and yellow colors wash her out and make her look blah.

Monie is baffled about orange with good cause; orange would definitely NOT be her color. She loves and is complimented in blue, green, and gray which also have the added benefit of bringing out her Smoky Robinson eyes. Although black and gray is good for Monie, I suggest she also venture out into the world of color and add different blues and greens to her wardrobe, as well as other colors that I will include on her personalized color list and send to her. Monie is a Winter.

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.

Comments on: "Monie" (2)

  1. Ugh, this is AMAZEBALLS! I am so happy! I need all the help I can get when it comes to this stuff. Thanks boo!!!!

  2. Tamara says… “Monie is a winter.”

    La reads… “La and Monie can share clothes because they are both Winters.”

    *motherf*cking Macy’s sale gif* lol

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