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Autumn Yellow

Yellow brings out the glow in warmer-toned people. Pale, banana, electric, lemon, and other light & bright yellows are best suited for Springs. The deeper, vibrant, muted, and other mustardy yellows are where Autumns shine. Since we are now officially in the Autumn season, I wanted to kick it off by focusing on an Autumn color star. These yellows are one of the first ways for me to tell if someone has a warm skin tone. If you are an Autumn (some Springs can shine in these as well), definitely keep an eye out for this color in stores, to incorporate into your wardrobe.

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list with your own personal power color) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.

Monique T.

Today, I am featuring Monique T., another giveaway winner.

What color do you wear the most? I think I wear white and pink the most.

What color do you wear the least? I wear red the least.

What color do you feel sexy in? I feel sexiest in black or grey (my new black).

What color do you get the most compliments in? I get complimented the most in pink and yellow.

Monique’s revealing photo is the one of her in white. BAM. She’s a Winter, just like that. Summers and Winters have a tendency to just look angelic in white, and so it’s often the main clue in determining someone’s season for me.

Another telling clue is the photo where Monique is wearing what looks to be an orangey-red sweater and red lipstick. The sweater is doing nothing for her, but the lipstick looks great on her. That tells me Monique is shining in cooler colors. I get further confirmation of this when I see the photo of Monique in orange. Orange is a strong, bold color that only warmer-toned people can bring to life so when I see it just sitting on her, I know that she’s most likely not a warm-toned person.

Her interview answers gave more clues. She wears white and pink the most, feels sexy in black and gray. All cool colors. Monique T. says she wears red the least, but I encourage her to include this color more in her wardrobe (and lipstick) when she can. Just make sure it’s a pure, true red and not any other shade.

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Color Blocking

Color blocking is one of my favorite trends. My personal style is mainly classic/bohemian but ALWAYS with bold colors. I love throwing a solid top and bottom together that are either completely different colors or shades of the same color.

What I love about color blocking, as it applies to seasons/skin tones, is it allows you to have a bit more fun with your “forbidden” colors. As long as you wear a bold color in your season for the blouse/sweater/tank/tee/top part of dress, etc. you can go wild with the skirt/pants/shorts/bottom part of dress, etc. and shoes. Since the weather is cooling off, you can have more fun with tights as well. You can ground the look by having something nude or neutral–particularly your legs or shoes if you have a lot going on above that.

For example, La is a Winter, and after doing her color consultation, we are both keeping an eye out for a color-blocking outfit for her consisting of a blue top and red pencil skirt.

If I have already done your color analysis, feel free to contact me about how to do a successful color-blocking outfit for you! If you would like me to do a color analysis for you including a blog feature and personalized color-shopping list, e-mail me at glowingcolor@gmail.com. I’m affordable! 😉

Emmy’s 2011 Right and Wrong

Today I’m going to feature the women of the Emmy’s and see who got it right, and who got it wrong, color-wise.


Kristen Wiig is an Autumn and looks stunning here. See how the hair, face, dress, everything flow? She looks gorgeous here. This is how you do style + color that fits your season.

Katie Holmes definitely got it right in color. Does she look like she rolled out of bed after possibly sleeping in this dress? Yes. But the color is right for her. Katie’s a Winter.

I originally had Kerry Washington under Autumn a while back, but I used the wrong photo to judge her because homegirl is definitely a Winter. This true, classic red is perfect for her.

Elisabeth Moss is an Autumn. I would prefer to see her in a deeper shade, but she has the tone right. It’s a bit too pale for her, but good nonetheless.


Kate Winslet’s dress fit like a glove and she is stunting in it style-wise. Color wise, it’s off. Kate is a Spring. Springs can wear red, it just needs to be a more muted, earthy red. Or if she wanted to go bright, a warmer tomato red would have killed.

Right dress, wrong color for Evan Rachel Wood. She’s a Spring and black is too strong and harsh for her.

Amy Poehler is a spring who is bleached to high hell. The dress is all wrong for her.

Not only does Taraji P. Henson look like she came to the Emmy’s in her answer-the-doorbell-for-the-cute-mailman nightgown, but it’s the wrong color. Taraji is an Autumn so should avoid silvery shapeless frocks.

Rashida Jones is an Autumn. The pale pink of the gown washes her out. A shame, because it is a really pretty gown, Rashida’s hair and makeup look nice, but it does not flow. If it were a muted rose-gold in the same style? She would have killed.

Padma, if you remember, is a Winter. She looks dreadful in this color. Awful.

Right and Wrong

Christina Hendricks got the color right. If you remember, Christina is a natural blonde and a Spring. The darker red hair color and heavier/deeper colored makeup is all wrong for her.

Heidi is a natural brunette, and an Autumn. So she got the warm tone right, but the hair color and paleness wrong. Even the paleness isn’t THAT wrong, but she definitely would have looked better in a deeper shade.

Julia Stiles is a Winter (not a natural light blonde). So the dress is correct in tone, but it could be a little deeper in color. That along with her eschewing the golden blonde hair would have stepped her game up.

That concludes the color analysis of the 2011 Emmy’s! What did you think of the fashion? Let me know in the comments!

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Today I am featuring Jasmine, mother of adorable Kingston (who you will see in the photos), and owner of Golden Sole Photography. I love the natural settings she uses for her photos. If you are in the New York area (or want her to come to your area), definitely hit her up. She expects to be shooting more next year once the weather warms up a bit so if you have an event planned for next year, or are expecting a little one, let her know now!

Jasmine calls her style “timeless eclecticism”. Let’s check out her hilarious interview:

What color do you wear the most? Now that I’ve tipped the scales I tend to wear lots of black but I normally wear corals, cobalts, yellows, pinks, red, Gold and prints. Lots and lots of animal prints.

What color do you wear the least? white, pastels… basically easter colors, newborn colors etc

What color do you feel sexy in? is Leopard print a color? if not then red second to that is gold. Get me a gold freekum dress and ooohweee

What color do you get the most compliments in? I think i scare too many people off so i don’t really get complimented much. quick office poll reveals red.

Let’s look at Jasmine in cool colors first.

Now, let’s look at Jasmine in warm colors.

Can you see a difference? Especially in the last 2 photos? Mm-hmm.

Jasmine is an Autumn. Look how she glows in the mustard yellow and coral orange. Those 2 photos were dead giveaways. The dead giveaway in the cooler photos was the gray. That plus the ash-brown (which is a cooler brown) hair color are washing Jasmine out completely to blah-ville. In the other cool photos, the colors are not doing anything for her. Jasmine is doing all the work herself while the colors sit on her and don’t go grocery shopping or pay rent. Even in red, she doesn’t look bad but the attention definitely goes to the red on Jasmine as opposed to Jasmine in red.

Jasmine’s interview give clues to her Autumn-ness (shut up) as well. She is attracted to bright colors and animal prints. She just needs to go more with the warmer brights for Autumns and less with the cobalts and pinks. Red is fine as long as she goes warmer with it. Did y’all see how crunk she got daydreaming about a gold freakum dress? Mm-hmm. Autumn all day. Jasmine was terrified I would tell her to ditch animal print, but I have good news for her! Avoid zebra print and the rest of the animal print kingdom is yours! Leopard, yas; tiger, yas; snake, yas (as long as there’s a browner background to the print).

Jasmine’s consultation included a shopping list where I give her specific colors to look for and avoid. She will be stunting in her customized Autumn list in no time!

Let’s do one more side-by-side comparison so you can see the difference between Jasmine in a cool color and in a warm color:

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list with your own personal power color) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.


Today I am featuring Monie Pony, my friend who blogs over at The Rich ‘Onica. Monie is another giveaway winner. Let’s get into her interview and photos.

What color do you wear the most? I have a lot of black and gray in my closet. A lot.

The color that I wear the least: Orange. I don’t own one orange thing. Really, who wears orange??? Wait! I did have an orange Lacoste polo once. That shit was AWFUL. I gave it to my sister.

What color do I feel sexy in: Hmmmm…I do love to wear a little black dress with a pair of killer heels. I think it’s more about the article of clothing than the color for me. If the outfit fits me well and I feel confident in it, I will automatically feel sexy. That doesn’t help, huh? LOL!

Color I get complimented in: When I wear blues, grays and greens I get the most compliments. I hear those colors make my eyes pop.

I have to say, Monie is one of the easiest analyses I have done. I met her in person back in May, and I noticed (without paying attention to the colors she was wearing) that she had a definite pink/rosy skin undertone. So when she won the giveaway, I already had my ideas about what season she was before she submitted any other photos.

You can notice the trend in Monie’s color choices in both her interview and the photo gallery. Only the last 2 photos are warm (and the red dress is closer to a warm/muted red than true red), and I had to hunt those down myself to include here for contrast. If you enlarge the photos of her in blue, gray, and green you can more clearly see the pink undertone she has and how those colors flatter her. Alternatively, you can see how the tan and yellow colors wash her out and make her look blah.

Monie is baffled about orange with good cause; orange would definitely NOT be her color. She loves and is complimented in blue, green, and gray which also have the added benefit of bringing out her Smoky Robinson eyes. Although black and gray is good for Monie, I suggest she also venture out into the world of color and add different blues and greens to her wardrobe, as well as other colors that I will include on her personalized color list and send to her. Monie is a Winter.

If you would like me to do a color analysis for you (includes blog feature with pictures and customized color shopping list) that will bring out your own unique glow, contact me at glowingcolor@gmail.com for rates.


Today I am featuring Jess, a reader who blogs at Ruffles & Snarkiness (awesome blog title).

Jess was one of the Giveaway winners, so she got a personalized color list in addition the blog feature. Let’s take a look at her photos and interview.

What color do you wear the most? I find that I wear a vast array of colors these days, but I prefer to wear a lot of reds, pinks, and browns. I have been slowly replacing everything black from my wardrobe in order to be a bit more versatile.

What color do you wear the least? Well, this is awkward, but I super hate the color bright yellow. I feel like it makes my skin extremely blotchy, so in general I try to stay away from brighter colors and do more earth tones.

What color do you feel sexy in? I really feel the sexiest when I’m in browns, reds and/or ivory/creams. I have been really enjoying Ivory and browns together lately.

What color do you get the most compliments in? It’s kind of odd, but it really depends on what color I have my hair. Ever since I went back to my dark auburn natural hair color, I have found that I get more and more compliments when wearing reds and greens. There is also a navy blue sweater that I wear in winter that I get a lot of compliments in.

The first thing that jumped out at me from Jess’s pics were the ones of her in turquoise/teal and black outfit, and the green tank top. She just looks so….fresh in both! Jess’s natural hair color is a darker brown so when evaluating coloring I always take into account how hair color can throw things off. In the green tank top, the lighter/brighter red color contrasts with her face and washes her out a bit. If she had her darker hair in this particular photo, you’d be able to see her beautiful green eyes better, and the whole look would flow. You can see the positive effect her darker hair and the cooler color clothes have on her better in the photo of her in black with red hearts, and the turquoise/teal and black.

Also interesting are the photos of Jess in red. The one in the middle is a warm, tomato red and the one at the bottom is closer to a true red. See the difference? Jess looks much better in the true red.

Jess’s interview gives a clue to her season, like most interviews have so far. She HATES yellow! She talks about the negative effect that color has on her overall look. See where we’re going here?

Jess is a Winter. Although Jess says she tries to avoid bright colors, I think she should embrace them–just the bright colors on the cooler side of the spectrum. She’s on the right track with the true reds, greens, turquoises, and pinks that she likes. I think she should gravitate away from the ivory/brown/cream family. I think especially if she had the lighter red hair color, it would be easy to confuse which colors are best for her. I think she looks clear and fresh with her darker hair color. I also think she shouldn’t avoid black (which she states in her interview), black looks wonderful on her but keep pairing it with a bright, cool color like she does with the red hearts and turquoise pattern.

Pantone Fall 2011 Color Report

Every season Pantone releases the colors that will be popular in fashion, interiors, everything. Below is the fall color report.

Autumns: Make sure you look out for items in bamboo, deep teal, emberglow, coffee liqueur, nougat, and phlox this fall.
Springs: Look for items in bamboo, emberglow, nougat, and cedar this fall.
Summers and Winters: Keep an eye out for items in honeysuckle, orchid hush, and quarry this fall.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

Autumn Plaid

Today I will share an example of what to look for in patterns depending on your season. Plaid has always been a hot pattern for fall/winter. Something about it just invokes coziness.

Autumn Plaid

Marc by Marc Jacobs green plaid dress
£220 – vanmildert.com

See by chloe dress
£187 – theoutnet.com

SUNO New York knit top
$115 – barneys.com

Burberry Prorsum plaid wool coat
£2,395 – net-a-porter.com

Opening Ceremony wool blend coat
£740 – brownsfashion.com

Cape poncho
$111 – anthropologie.com

By Malene birger
£80 – theoutnet.com

Long Sleeve Aqua Plaid Shirt
$22 – aeropostale.com

Long Sleeve Blue & Purple Plaid Shirt
$22 – aeropostale.com

The 5 plaid items at the top are what Springs and Autumns should look for, color-wise. The main color in these items are either yellow, tan, olive green, or ivory. If you are a Spring or Autumn, you should always make sure that the dominating color (for plaid it’s usually going to be the background color) is warm. Springs look best in the lighter warms like the tans and ivories while Autumns look best in the yellows and olive greens. Also, notice that the coat at the top is yellow and black plaid. Black is not an autumn color. However, the yellow sufficiently overpowers the black in this pattern to where it will read as ‘warm’ when it is worn.

The 5 plaid items at the bottom are what Summers and Winters should look for, color-wise. The main color in these items are either blue, pink, red, or turquoise. If you are a Summer or Winter, you should always make sure that the dominating color (for plaid it’s usually going to be the background color) is cool. Summers look best in the lighter cools like the paler pinks and turquoises while Winters look best in the reds and more vibrant blues (though you can also pull off turquoise effectively).


Today, I am also featuring Monique of Natural and Fabulous. Monique blogs all about natural hair and its impact on culture, as well as personal stories of women who have recently gone natural or have been natural for awhile.

Here is her interview:

What color do you wear the most? Black, black and more black.

What color do you wear the least? Blue and red

What color do you feel sexy in? Orange, yellow, white and black.

What color do you get the most compliments in? Purple. If I wear a purple top I get complimented all day.

Her photos:

Monique wasn’t lying, she does wear a lot of black! A lot of the photos she sent me were of her in black or black and white; so I culled them down a bit.

My eyes are drawn straight to the photos of Monique in yellow and taupe, in a good way. She looks stunning in the golden yellow, holds her own in the soft, butter yellow, and glows in the taupe. Compare those against Monique in light green which fades her out, the black which is just sitting on her, and the light pink which overpowers her. See the difference?

Monique is an Autumn. Although she wears black (and black and white) a lot (which a lot of people tend to do, since it is an accepted ‘safe’ color), I think she should branch out more into different shades of browns to replace the black. She avoids blue and red, both of which are already not flattering for Autumns. She feels sexy in orange and yellow, her most telling interview clue; both are classic Autumn colors. She gets complimented in purple which is very common for Autumns. On the color wheel, purple’s complimentary color is yellow. Autumns have yellow-golden undertones to their skin so they wear purple well. I would just recommend getting more warm purples as opposed to cooler, grape purples.