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I’ve been meaning to feature Beyonce’s colors here for a while. Now seems like the perfect time since she and her fetus just stunted on everyone at the VMA’s last night. So leggo.

Now, you may recall that I have discussed Beyonce’s season before in this post, among others. So this post is more of a review and expansion.

I’d say it’s pretty easy to see Beyonce’s season looking at these photos. She clearly looks washed out in the black, pink, silver, and white. In the pure green satin dress she does not look washed out, but the color does nothing for her.

Interestingly, if you compare the two green photos you can see a clear difference. The green on the left is a Winter green, the more subdued hunter green on the right is an Autumn green. See how much better she looks on the right? And of course, you can see how fresh she looks in brown and orange and how she glows in cream and gold.

Beyonce is an Autumn.

Mustard Dress from Ruche

Hi guys! I’m still working on the Giveaway packages for the winners; they should be sent out this week for the ones who have responded.

This is not a style blog. I focus on colors and you can feel free to do your own style. But, if I see something that I think is cute for myself or others, I’ll start posting here. If you don’t like the style, hopefully you can at least take something away from the color featured.

I ordered this dress from Shop Ruche a few weeks ago. It fits beautifully and the color is gorgeous! This color (and/or dress) would be a perfect spring/summer/late summer dress for Autumns and Springs. It’s the perfect shade of yellow to make warmer-toned skin glow; not too garish and not too pastel.