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Today I am featuring Eliss of Integrated Memoirs. Eliss blogs about her life and experiences being in an interracial relationship. Check her out!

What color do you wear the most? I love reds, pinks, and purples. I also like black, but since I’ve relocated to the southwest part of the U.S., I don’t see myself wearing it much. It’s too hot!! If I had to pick one, it would be pink.

What color do you wear the least? Brown

What color do you feel sexy in? Red

What color do you get the most compliments in? Red

Let’s take a look at Eliss’s photos:

Notice a theme? Eliss tends toward mostly cool colors. Here is the only picture of Eliss in a warmer color.

Eliss does not look bad in the taupe, but it definitely is not making her glow like the cooler colors are. Look at the first photo of her in the red. That is a really bright red top but Eliss holds her own in it. You can only do that if your skin tone is cool. See how soft she looks in the pink? How, even with the bad lighting from the bathroom lights, she is wearing the black and red, and not the other way around? See how radiant she looks in white?

The other clues are in her interview responses. She gravitates toward, feels sexy in, and gets complimented in cool colors. The color she wears the least? Brown, a warm color. So Eliss definitely subconsciously wears her season’s colors. Eliss is a Winter.


I’ve been meaning to feature Beyonce’s colors here for a while. Now seems like the perfect time since she and her fetus just stunted on everyone at the VMA’s last night. So leggo.

Now, you may recall that I have discussed Beyonce’s season before in this post, among others. So this post is more of a review and expansion.

I’d say it’s pretty easy to see Beyonce’s season looking at these photos. She clearly looks washed out in the black, pink, silver, and white. In the pure green satin dress she does not look washed out, but the color does nothing for her.

Interestingly, if you compare the two green photos you can see a clear difference. The green on the left is a Winter green, the more subdued hunter green on the right is an Autumn green. See how much better she looks on the right? And of course, you can see how fresh she looks in brown and orange and how she glows in cream and gold.

Beyonce is an Autumn.

Mustard Dress from Ruche

Hi guys! I’m still working on the Giveaway packages for the winners; they should be sent out this week for the ones who have responded.

This is not a style blog. I focus on colors and you can feel free to do your own style. But, if I see something that I think is cute for myself or others, I’ll start posting here. If you don’t like the style, hopefully you can at least take something away from the color featured.

I ordered this dress from Shop Ruche a few weeks ago. It fits beautifully and the color is gorgeous! This color (and/or dress) would be a perfect spring/summer/late summer dress for Autumns and Springs. It’s the perfect shade of yellow to make warmer-toned skin glow; not too garish and not too pastel.

QQ in Stripes

Just a quick drive-by post to show how to do patterns in your season.

QQ, you may remember, is an Autumn. Here she is in a cream top with brown, orange, and peachy stripes and has accented with gold jewelry. This pattern is classic warm since every color featured is warm. This top would work for Autumns AND Springs since it has a mix of lighter and darker warm colors.

Thanks QQ!


Today I am featuring TaKiyah of Some Sweet Photography. If you need self-portraits done, engagement/bridal, baby shower, newborn, party, family, WHATEVER photos done TaKiyah is your woman.

Before we get all up in her analysis, a note. Sometimes, with some people, if they happen to be wearing the right (or wrong) color, all I need is ONE photo to tell their season. With others, it may take a few photo comparisons to figure it out, but with some people there’s a definite BAM moment.

TaKiyah? BAM.

She’s an Autumn, case closed. *closes piano, leaves*


Ok ok, let’s look at the rest of her photos. But seriously? That mustard color? Do you see the radiance? We have a gotdamned Sun Goddess on our hands. Here are her photos:

Here is her interview:

What color do you wear the most? black…it hides my wobbly bits

What color do you wear the least? red- I think it makes my face redder? I don’t know? Plus my mom had this hang-up when I was growing up about black people wearing red. (red lipstick, eating red watermelon, and drinking red soda)

What color do you feel sexy in? hmmm…I think anything “golden”.

What color do you get the most compliments in? Brown, I think. (I’m actually just thinking about the brown dress I had on yesterday that I got compliments in)

Ok now TaKiyah’s photos and interview are very telling. She feels sexy in anything golden? OH REALLY? *scrolls up* OH OK. *scrolls back down* Aaaannndd she gets compliments in brown. Mm-hmm. Classic Autumn. Most of TaKiyah’s photos are of her in bright, cool colors: blue, fuschia, red, and turquoise. All of them just sit on her, not helping her pay bills, take photos, babysit, nothing. Same with the black. But you start to get a sense of flow when you look at TaKiyah’s photos in the blush/rose-gold, taupe, and of course, mustard yellow. See the difference? TaKiyah is an Autumn.


By my count, we had 8 individuals who entered the contest…and you are all winners!


Monique and Jessika, I need your e-mails to contact you! Please leave them in the comments or e-mail glowingcolor@gmail.com with the Subject ‘Giveaway Winner’.

Details and your prizes coming soon!


Today we have another reader submission, the vibrant Wynnie. Let’s take a look at her photos and interview.

Here is her interview:

What color do you wear the most? Why?
I don’t have one particular color that I wear the most, but I do know that my favorite colors are bright colors and any pattern involving a bright color. I went through my closet and I have a lot of greens, blues, pinks, purples and yellows. The few rest are black or very little brown.

What color do you wear the least?
I try to stay away from dull colors like gray, black and brown.

What color do you feel sexy in?
I feel really sexy in red, dark purple and pinks…in that order.

What color do you get the most compliments in?
I wear a lot of dresses in the summertime. It seems that my bright reds and yellows have received a lot of compliments. Although, when I wear black (not very often), I also get good comments.

Looking at Wynnie’s pictures I can definitely see a theme of bright colors and patterns (I love the green printed maxi dress!). Wynnie’s stand-out photos where she is glowing are the photos of her in pure red, green/white floral print, and bright purple. All these colors are vibrant, but most importantly, these colors are cool. The only photos of Wynnie in warmer tones are those of her in the burgundy-ish sweater and the charcoal gray tank top. She does not look bad in either photo, but the colors are not doing anything for her and make her look a bit faded throughout. Based on those key photos I determined that Wynnie is a Winter. I noticed Wynnie has some gold/brown-toned jewelry that she wears in the photos. I would recommend more silvery-toned jewelry if you can, that will really set off your colors and your skin. Also, I would recommend Wynnie avoid cool pastels unless they’re in a pattern with more vibrant colors.

The awesome thing is Wynnie is an example of people who subconsciously lean toward the colors in their seasons without necessarily being aware of their season. She already has a good foundation, wardrobe-wise in her colors so it should be easy to build upon it going forward.

Thanks Wynnie!

*If you haven’t entered the giveaway, it’s still open through tomorrow! Enter!