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True Blood Week: Arlene

Welcome back to True Blood Week at Glowing Color! To wrap up the series, we have Arlene, aka Carrie Preston.

Hopefully none of you thought that was her natural hair color. Carrie Preston’s natural hair color is blonde. Seems to be a pattern with blondes going red huh? So of course, that eliminates Autumn and Winter as possible seasons for Carrie. Carrie had slightly more photos of her in warm colors than cool colors so we’ll look at warm first.

Carrie looks good in these warm colors, but one thing I notice is that most of the photos are bold/dark warm; meaning she wears a lot of colors that Autumns look good in. However, if you look at the last photo of her in pink, a Spring color, she looks fresh, soft, and pretty. Sometimes people can wear colors in their parallel season (Autumn wearing Spring and vice-versa, Winter wearing Summer and vice-versa) but some people look best in their own season, period. It looks like Carrie might be one of the latter. Let’s look at her in the cooler photos.

The silver-gray is wearing her. She looks clammy in white. The red hair and blue dress look striking against each other, but focus on CARRIE. Not flattering for her skin tone. The black is just sitting on her. So it definitely appears Carrie is a warm season…Carrie is a Spring. If she includes more of the lighter/softer warm colors instead of the bright/deep/bold warm colors, she’d be winning on all of you hoes.

That concludes True Blood Week at Glowing Color! Stay tuned for a giveaway announcement on Monday and reader submissions the rest of the week!

Comments on: "True Blood Week: Arlene" (2)

  1. Hi! Can you PPLLEEAASSEE tell me what the name of the color is that Carrie Preston used to get the DEEP red color she has?? I have spent the last couple hours googeling everything I can think of to try to find the namne of the color used and I can’t find it anywhere!! PLEASE help!! Thanks ❤

  2. Hi Delina! I don’t know what specific color she used. Do you mean the deep burgundy she had? I will try to find out for you!

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