I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.

Padma Lakshmi

Reader QQ requested Padma Lakshmi and I said ohlehdoit.

Padma is a Winter. I think she knows it too, as the majority of the pictures I found with her had her in cooler colors. The photos in the top row of her in champagne and gold fade her out to all that be damned. In the bottom row, the warm purple and soft yellow wash her out and do nothing for her.

Alternatively look how fresh she looks in black, holds her own in bright blue and turquoise, glows in pale pearly pink, and sets off silver and white. Mm-hmm. Work, Padma. Ain’t nobody mad.


Christina from Houston (reader)
Alek Wek

Comments on: "Padma Lakshmi" (2)

  1. Ohletdoit?!

    What imo be saying when I gotta beat your ass

  2. […] Padma, if you remember, is a Winter. She looks dreadful in this color. Awful. […]

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