I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.

Gong Li

I got a request from a reader a while back to cover some Asian ladies, so today we’ll look at actress Gong Li. Let’s jump right in!

Gong Li is a Winter. The top row of photos gives it away almost immediately. She is washed out in every color except the black. She looks so fresh-faced in the black. Some of you may be confused, thinking the first and third photos where she wears aubergine and burgundy, are Winter colors. Though these are not “warm” colors, they do flatter “warm” skintones, thus fall under Autumn. These colors are actually too dark and muted to be true Winter colors. If she were wearing a true primary purple, or fuschia, you’d be able to see the difference.

In the second row, all of the photos are Gong Li wearing Winter colors except the leopard print and the navy blue. She actually doesn’t look bad in the navy blue, but it is not working as hard for her as a royal blue would. Another strong clue she is a Winter is the way she is holding it down for all her homies in the red. A true, strong, pure red is the calling card of a Winter. If it was any other red but a true red, or a slightly-off garnet, she would be washed out.

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