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Vanessa Williams

I got a comment on my Summer post inquiring about Vanessa Williams. Ann asked whether Vanessa would be considered a Summer. Though Vanessa’s hair is a light brown/auburn, I don’t believe it’s light enough to be considered a Summer. Let’s take a looksie.

Here are a few photos of Vanessa in summer colors:

The aqua is screaming at you about paying bills and why can't you be more like your sister?

while this green brings out her eyes, overall it makes her skin look a little sallow and is just sitting on her. The gold jewelry helps save the look.

Vanessa has a tan here and still looks washed out with the white.

So overall, no bueno for Summer colors. Vanessa is not a Summer. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think her hair is light enough for Spring either, but just for ruling-out sake:

Nope. Washed the fuck out.

She is washed out here, but at the same time she doesn't look bad. This indicates that she may have a warm undertone but needs more vibrant color.

Vanessa is not a Spring. The champagne color is giving us a hint, however, of her skin tone.

Let’s move on to the “darker” seasons. Here is Vanessa in some Winter colors:

The black is making her tan look orange, not glow-y.


Welp, that leaves one more season.

Vanessa in Autumn:

Ignore the "I may have just sharted" look on her face. Things are looking warmer!

Golden Goddess...looking good!

motherf****** radiant!

I think we have a winner here. Vanessa Williams is an Autumn. To directly answer commenter Ann: Vanessa’s hair/coloring is not light/blonde enough to be a Summer (and spring by association), and more importantly, she has a warm skin undertone, not the cool undertone you would need to be a Summer.

Until next time!

Requests Coming Soon

I got a comment about Vanessa Williams so I will be doing an analysis on her coming up. I also got a request from a reader to cover some Asian ladies, so I will get to work on that too!