I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.


*knocks the dust off this muhfugga*

HAI GUYS. So life put this blog on hiatus but I’m back now. I am searching for my next person to color/season type. Any requests?

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  1. palette of feelings said:

    Could you please do the color/season type with any Asian (Chinese, South East Asian) ladies? I am not sure whether I am Spring or Autumn. I have yellow undertone and my hair is brown. It’s quite dark but not very dark. Looking forward to it. Thank you very much for nice information and your kind sharing.

  2. Sure thing! I will do an analysis on some of the Asian stars. If you want me to do your colors, e-mail me at bohemianbahamian@gmail.com

  3. jkitten said:

    Can you pretty please do Mia Wasikowska,Saiorse Ronnan,Allison Mack,Anna SophiaRobb,
    and Drew Barrymore? And as the other commentor said a Asian post would be helpful I am having trouble figuring out if my boyfriend and his mom are deep autumn or deep winter. Do you have any tips or really obvious colors I could rape them in? Thank!

  4. Hi again jkitten! I will add these names to my drafts and do some research on them. Do you have any suggestions for Asian ladies to feature? Keep in mind that Asians will fit into more than 1 season just like anyone else. They are not all warm or cool, so even if I feature someone, that does not necessarily mean your boyfriend and/or his mom is the same season as the person I feature. For general assistance, you can click on the Autumn or Winter categories here and for a personalized individual analysis, you can e-mail me at glowingcolor@gmail.com

    • Hey! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! And I totally get what your saying but my fiance and his mom are definatly deeps those colors suit them. We found out hes a deep winter and shes a deep autumn which is the opposite of what we thought orginally! Haha but he she wouldn’t try on the warm colors for me at first,theres only so much I can do in that case. She always wanted the snow white look and couldnt achieve it, shes actually a golden princess 🙂 For asian ladies im not sure I am very curious about shay mitchell from pretty little liars.
      Also since I’ve been wearing my colors now I notice the bad ones way more. I almost feel like my colorings gotten lighter but it hasn’t,I just notice the dark colors making me look like casper 🙂 I always find that interesting what awareness can do.

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