I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.


Today I am doing a color/season analysis with QQ. Let’s jump right in, shall we? In bold are parts of her interview that stood out to me and we will compare her responses against her photos at the end.

What color do you wear the most? Why? Purple or Fuschia-like colors, deep Garnet reds or the bright ones too, and just deep ends of yellow(not bright more mustardy) orange, blue, occasionally I go to town in a hunter green type o colors they make me feel happy and sexy and comfortable.. which is also why i don’t like to do white too often I feel very ill at ease and obsessed with not getting filthy, I do prints but they are medium sized and pretty basic in the color scheme

What color do you wear the least? Why? Light pink, light green, easter colors pastely stuff GAA-ROOOSS on me

What color do you feel sexy in? Black, Deep jewel tones colors, purple! chocolates, deep blues

What color do you get the most compliments in? Purples probably

Okay so patterns from her responses I picked out that she loves and gets crunk in mustardy-yellows, hunter greens, purples, deep blues, chocolate browns, and has a STRONG aversion to Easter-pastel colors. Just from looking at her responses I’d say she’s leaning toward Autumn colors. The yellow is the first major clue. Autumns STUNT in mustard-yellows, golden yellows, any yellow more toward the dark or orange side of the spectrum. Hunter (or dark olive) is another superstar Autumn color. Purples, especially plums and red-purples but even some of the deeper purples look lovely on Autumns. Deep, especially navy blue is one of the Season Neutral colors and looks good on warm and cool skin tones. Let’s take a gander at the photographic evidence.

The royal blue is pretty clear. It’s washing out her gorgeous face, and though the top is cute, the color is not representing for it’s people, aka QQ. If this blue were a Senate rep, it wouldn’t be campaigning for Q’s vote.Black can be a tricky color with Autumns. It will wash some Autumns out (like me) but look pretty decent on other Autumns (like Q). QQ does not look bad by any stretch of the imagination in black, but to me, the black is just sitting on her, all indignant like. It’s all, “I’M BLACK. AND WHAT, HO? I’M ON QQ. QQ WEARING ME. YOU MAD?” and that’s not the look you want to make intimate friends with.

Chocolate Brown. This color, her skin, the gold jewelry, the hair, everything? It’s a total win for all involved.

Fuschia: QQ is looking regal in this pank. It’s a jewelly soft fuschia color, and it’s the main pink that works on warmer skin tones.

Coral: The lighting/flash is a bit weird for this pic but it appears to be a Coral-y colored top. Another wise choice. Also, you can see QQ’s highlights are a buttery blonde/brown color and the overall look works.

Dark Olive Green: Thissss is more like it. If the chocolate brown didn’t convince you, the dark olive/hunter green color should. QQ is positively glowing in this dark olive/hunter green. See how much her look has softened and how everything is flowing together? I vote YAS on Prop Dark Olive for QQ.

Based on her interview and pictures, QQ is an Autumn all the way. She’s one who subconsciously knows it, as the majority of the pictures she sent me were in Autumn colors, and her responses on the colors that make her feel good and the colors that make her feel barfy, all fit in line with her season. Let us all bankhead bounce for a well-represented Autumn.

Comments on: "QQ" (6)

  1. Imo beat your azz all the way over again….i cant with you and this mess about

    You mad?

    Color senate representatives

    Prop Dark olive

    Bankhead bouncingness

    I have come to wonder: how come one so smart, pretty and useful, can be so very ignant..for no reason, just straight unprovoked

  2. “and though the top is cute, the color is not representing for it’s people”

    this blog is just…

  3. Nonotthejacket said:

    I love this post… and yet I don’t.

    Ion’t appreciate the conflict

  4. Integrated Memoirs said:

    Wow, Gem…you’re right!! Now I’m going to look through my pictures and see which clothes don’t represent for it’s people a.k.a. ME, and donate to the Goodwill (taking a pause for the cause).

  5. I donated a full bag of sweaters, etc. in the wrong colors. It felt great!

  6. […] featured here previously is showing a perfect example of how Autumns can still wear black, as long as they wear an Autumn […]

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