I analyze your best colors to bring out your own personal glow.


Winter people are those with cool skin undertones and dark hair. Excerpts from Beauty and the Bath:

The Winter palette has the range of all dark, vivid, and bright colors.
It also has all those very light icy colors. It holds all the primaries, being white, black, pure red, and navy. Winters do not wear most oranges well.
Light-medium browns and some camel are not the best choice for Winters.
No woman can wear a Pure White as beautifully Winter can.

Winters in the Media

Comments on: "Winter" (3)

  1. that shit thandie newton got on is hawtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

    remember how i told you i realized i have sooooo much black? lawd. but its dresses like those that make me want to stick to black. i love lace, & meshy materials.

    and i keep telling folks how AMAZING black ppl look in white, and with red lipstick. nobody hear me tho. loooove alek’s dress.

  2. I LOVE lacy meshy tops too; if something is in sheer I will automatically pick it up; it’s almost involuntary. I thought black sheer/lace/mesh was so sexy…til I finally realized I’m an autumn and black isn’t my color. But I have other colored lacy/sheer stuff so I’m satisfied.

    Thandie is just a hot lady periodddd.

  3. YAAAAAAASSSSSS anything sheer, im ALL over it. you know i havent seen you in black but i wonder if it would look good.

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